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"Roots": Kunta Kinte is born (06:43)


Kunta Kinte’s family lives in Juffure, Gambia and is loyal to the Mandinka king. Kunta’s father, Omoro, frees slaves from the rival Koro clan before meeting his newborn son. “Your name is your spirit” he tells the infant. (Credits)

"Roots": Kunta and Jinna (03:18)

Kunta learns that his love interest, Jinna, will marry one of the Koros and is involved in a scuffle with his romantic rival. Omoro predicts the Koros will attack soon as they expand their slave trade. He ambushes his son, instructing him to “make me proud” as a hood is placed over his head.

"Roots": Mandinka Ritual (04:58)

Kunta and other young Mandikas are marched into the woods to undergo a trial meant to test their manhood. The first challenge is riding a wild horse with no reigns. Koros are spotted rowing downriver with more slaves.

"Roots": Trials Continue (05:46)

The young Mandinkas row upriver where they must engage “the enemy” (actual Kunta’s uncle, Silla) in combat. Kunta is punished for not following instructions and must evade capture by others in his group to continue his training. He encounters a dead body in a canoe, a victim of the Koros.

"Roots": Jinna is Still Single (01:56)

The young Mandinkas are circumcised and return to the village as men. Kunta encounters Jinna during the celebration and is happy to learn she has not yet married.

"Roots": Dreams of Timbuktu (02:20)

Omoro and Kunta’s mother, Binta, are upset to learn their son wants to leave Juffure and study at the university in Timbuktu. Kunta takes off on horseback after being ordered to honor his family duties and to forget Jinna.

"Roots": Meeting Jinna (03:56)

Kunta meets Jinna in the woods and discovers she has turned down her would-be groom. The couple is ambushed by Koro slave traders who seek revenge against Omoro.

"Roots": In Bondage and Setting Sail (05:32)

Kunta and Silla are chained below deck on a slave ship where they suffer cramped, unsanitary conditions. They try to communicate with other prisoners; Kunta contemplates the fate of the rest of his family.

"Roots": Beaten (01:54)

Kunta dreams of home and his family. The Africans are brutalized and herded above deck by sadistic slavers.

"Roots": Jinna Resurfaces (04:24)

On deck, the slaves are beaten and forced to dance. They use song as a way to secretly communicate and plan their escape. Kunta spies Jinna who has caught the eye of the ship’s captain. She attempts suicide but is caught and taken to the captain’s quarters. The slavers make an example of Silla, cutting off his infected arm.

"Roots": Plans for Rebellion (02:10)

Back below deck, the slaves declare their intention to fight back. Kunta calls on the guidance of his parents and vows to see them again.

"Roots": Slave Uprising (04:14)

The slaves return to the upper deck for forced exercise. Kunta lays out plans to take over the ship in song. The Africans are outgunned, and the rebellion is put down. Several slaves, including Silla, are beheaded in retaliation; the sick and wounded are tossed overboard.

"Roots": Arriving in Annapolis (01:17)

The slaves arrive in Annapolis, Maryland, 87 days after capture. Kunta undergoes a degrading examination and is sold to John Waller.

Credits: Roots - 1 (01:03)

Credits: Roots - 1

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Kunta Kinte, a headstrong and clever teenager growing up in the Kingdom of Niumi in the 1760s, debates whether to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a Mandinka warrior or forge his own path as a student in Timbuktu.

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