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Previously on "Roots" (02:19)


See a recap of the first episode during which the young, Mandinka warrior, Kunta Kinte, aspires to marry his love, Jinna, and study in Timbuktu. Kunta is captured by the rival Koro clan and sold into slavery; he leads a failed uprising before arriving in Annapolis, Maryland.

"Roots": Arriving at Waller Farm (05:55)

En route to Waller Farm, Kunta meets Samson (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) who he recognizes as a member of the Wolof tribe, allies of the Mandinkas. Kunta briefly escapes and runs into Fiddler (Forest Whitaker) before being recaptured. Samson is savagely beaten and sold off in retaliation.

"Roots": Kunta and Fiddler (05:28)

The reluctant Fiddler is put in charge of getting Kunta assimilated. Fiddler expresses worry that he’ll be punished next time the newcomer escapes and teaches him his first words in English. Kunta is resistant to being renamed Toby by Waller’s wife, Elizabeth.

"Roots": Kunta Creates a Distraction (02:33)

Fiddler sneaks food to Kunta, remembering his own hunger working the fields. Kunta spots a file and starts a fight to distract from being noticed picking it up. He is beaten for insisting his name is not Toby. Overseer Connelly threatens Fiddler for not keeping him in line.

"Roots": Escape Plans (03:39)

Fiddler is deeply moved by a Mandinka lullaby that Kunta sings. He vaguely recalls his grandmother singing a song just like it, and he vows to figure it out. As soon as he leaves, Kunta gets to work filing his shackles.

"Roots": Resistance and a New Plan (05:25)

Kunta ignores Elizabeth Waller’s order as she calls him Toby. The Wallers blame Fiddler for his transgression. Later, Fiddler plays Kunta a song and is disturbed when the younger man lays out his plan to escape. He initially discourages the escape plan but hints at the best time to run.

"Roots": Christmas Eve Escape (09:29)

Kunta files through his chains as everyone is distracted by Christmas Eve celebration. Fiddler sees what he’s done and signals the best time to run by playing his mother’s lullaby. Kunta steals Elizabeth Waller’s horse and makes a run for it, but he is tracked down and recaptured.

"Roots": Keep Your True Name Inside (06:41)

The other slaves are forced to watch as Connelly whips Kunta. The overseer offers him the opportunity to be spared if he’ll submit to being called Toby; but Kunta sees a vision of his parents and resists giving up his name until the pain becomes too severe.

Credits: Roots - 2 (01:03)

Credits: Roots - 2

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After landing in America, Kunta is sold to an ill-tempered tobacco plantation owner named John Waller. Waller assigns Fiddler, the talented violinist and favored slave, to break Kunta of his pride and accept his slave identity.

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