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Previously on "Roots" (01:40)


See a recap of the last episode during which young Mandinka warrior, Kunta Kinte, was kidnapped and sold into slavery. He attempts to escape Waller Farm but is caught and savagely beaten until he accepts his slave name, Toby.

"Roots": Kunta Joins the Redcoats (02:41)

The Revolutionary War has begun. Kunta escaped again and kills overseer Connelly, reclaiming his African name in the process. He encounters a group of British soldiers and vows to join their cause. He is promised his freedom in exchange for service.

"Roots": Escaping Massacre (05:22)

Kunta has joined an “Ethiopian” regiment of the British army and befriends runaway slave Carlton. The black soldiers are sent into battle with subpar weaponry and slaughtered as they act as human shields. Kunta and Carlton escape the mayhem, though the latter is gunned down soon after.

"Roots": Enslaved Again (03:00)

Kunta is recaptured by a group of slave hunters. They make fun of the writing on his shirt, which says “liberty to slaves,” and cut off his toes to punish him for running.

"Roots": Recuperating (02:38)

Kunta sees his parents and relives his traumatic experience in a fever dream. He meets Belle, a slave who nurses him back to health. Fiddler informs him that they have been sold as a payment on debt owed to Dr. William Waller. Belle says Fiddler has been referring to Kunta as his “warrior son.”

"Roots": Tough Love for Kunta (06:18)

Belle and Fiddler confront Kunta regarding his self-pity, the latter carrying him outside and forcing him to walk. A nearby horse triggers memories of Kunta’s warrior initiation, and he summons the will to stand. He starts to work again and is more grateful towards Belle.

"Roots": Kunta Becomes Carriage Driver (03:12)

William Waller contemplates buying a new driver. Fiddler releases a horse so Kunta can show off his equestrian skills, and Waller gives him the job. Coachman Spalding seems none too pleased.

"Roots": Spalding Threatens Kunta (01:50)

Spalding threatens Kunta, showing him the lynched corpse of the previous carriage driver and implying he is next. Spalding backs off when Belle intervenes, insisting Waller needs Kunta to drive that night. Her intensely emotional reaction reveals her true feelings.

"Roots": Waller's Affair Revealed (03:07)

Kunta drives William Waller to a clandestine rendezvous with his brother’s wife. They learn that the colonists have won the Revolutionary War. Kunta has a brief falling out with Belle after she teases him for talking to “African ghosts.”

"Roots": A Tragedy (02:19)

Spalding is blamed after one of Waller’s slaves dies giving birth to Noah. Kunta is assigned burial duties.

"Roots": Kunta and Belle Married (06:35)

Kunta confesses his love for Belle and proposes. The couple is married, but the wedding is interrupted when Kunta has to drive Dr. Waller to deliver what is, presumably, his brother’s baby.

"Roots": Belle's Concerns (01:56)

William Waller delivers Missy. On the way home, Waller hits Kunta for seemingly implying the child is his. Belle calms Kunta who is enraged by the incident. She confesses she has previously had a husband and children who were sold; she intensely fears losing their baby.

"Roots": Fiddler Dies (05:05)

Kunta and Belle’s baby is born. Fiddler and Kunta go for a walk at night with the newborn and encounter a group of slave hunters who demand the baby as “tax.” Fiddler takes a stand, killing a pair of the hunters before being slain himself.

"Roots": Kunta Names the Baby (02:28)

A distraught Kunta returns to the slave quarters, declaring his intent to leave the plantation immediately with Belle and the baby Belle discourages this half-baked plan, and Kunta names their child Kizzy, which means “stay put.”

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After a few years on Waller’s farm, Kunta Kinte’s spirit and thirst for freedom remain unbroken. When the Revolutionary War breaks out, he joins the British in pursuit of emancipation.

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