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Previously on "Roots" (02:29)


See a recap of previous episodes, culminating in the death of Fiddler and birth of Kizzy, the daughter of Kunta and Belle Kinte.

"Roots": Next Generation (01:48)

Kizzy is six years old. Kunta and Belle are visibly worried about her friendship with William Waller’s “niece,” Missy.

"Roots": Kizzy Starts Asking Questions (02:10)

Kizzy and Missy encounter a church group in the middle of a baptism while playing in the woods. They are frightened by the preacher’s fire-and-brimstone rebuke of slavery. Kizzy begins asking questions about her family’s situation.

"Roots": Waller Disapproves of Friendship (04:21)

Missy secretly starts teaching Kizzy to read. John Waller condemns their friendship and humiliates Kunta in front of the girls. Missy defends Kizzy when her racist playmate, Abigail, mistreats her.

"Roots": Kizzy's Birthday (02:12)

Missy gives Kizzy, now 15, a birthday present. The girls laugh as they flip through a book on human reproduction. Noah appears to have a crush on Kizzy.

"Roots": Plans to Breed (01:04)

William Waller declares that it is time to “breed” Kizzy and Noah. Kunta insists his daughter has not yet reached womanhood and threatens Noah after Waller has left.

"Roots": Father Teaches Daughter (02:53)

Kunta teaches Kizzy how to ride a horse and drills her on other important information, including family history and which way to travel for freedom.

"Roots": Noah Discovers a Secret (02:30)

Noah learns that Kizzy can read after finding her writing. Later, he gives her a present and asks her to teach him. Kunta continues teaching his daughter the skills she may one day need to escape.

"Roots": Kizzy Becomes a Warrior (02:40)

Kunta gives his daughter beads, like the ones his mother gave him when he became a warrior. Kizzy starts teaching Noah who confesses his feelings toward her. Kunta bursts in on the two, and Kizzy asserts herself.

"Roots": Brewing Maelstrom (06:07)

Kunta intervenes when Spalding becomes abusive toward Noah; he cautions the younger man against seeking revenge. Kizzy and Noah plot Noah's escape as others seeks shelter from a vicious storm.

"Roots": Manhunt for Noah (02:43)

Kunta and Belle find Kizzy, partially buried by storm debris. The Wallers assemble a party to hunt down Noah who stabs Spalding in the leg and tries to make a run for it before being gunned down.

"Roots": Family Torn Apart (03:04)

Missy sells Kizzy out, and the Wallers sell her after learning she drew Noah’s escape map. A desperate Kunta threatens to reveal that Missy is William’s child, but the slave master calls his bluff knowing it’s tantamount to suicide.

"Roots": Kizzy Violated (03:57)

Kizzy tries to escape but it caught and taken to Tom Lea’s farm in North Carolina. She tries to fight Lea off as he rapes and impregnates, his wife looking on outside.

"Roots": Chicken George is Born (03:46)

Kizzy gives birth to a boy that Lea names George, after his father. She takes the infant to the river, planning to drown him, but she can’t go through with it as her ancestors speak to her.

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Kizzy is an extremely bright and curious child. She learns to read from her master’s niece, Missy, but must hide her knowledge since it is illegal for slaves to be literate.

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