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Previously on "Roots" (01:06)


See a recap of the story up to the birth of Kizzy's son, George.

"Roots": Ten Years Later (02:13)

Ten years have passed on the Lea Farm. Owner, Tom Lea, continues to molest Kizzy who prays to her father to give her strength.

"Roots": George Gets in Trouble (01:47)

Mingo tells on George after catching him playing with Lea's chickens. George's punishment is to help at the next cockfight. Kizzy becomes frightened that her boy will be sold.

"Roots": George's First Cockfight (02:54)

George attends his first cockfight with Mingo and Lea. Mingo is gruff towards George but begins to teach him about the sport; he derisively gives him his nickname, “Chicken George.”

"Roots": George Gets a New Assignment (02:24)

Kizzy secretly teaches Tom’s wife, Patricia, to read. George is excited when Tom gives him the assignment of helping Mingo raise and train gamecocks, but Kizzy is apprehensive. Lea insults his wife for being barren.

"Roots": Kizzy Warns George (01:47)

Kizzy warns George not to get too close to Mingo and Tom Lea, who he has come to admire.

"Roots": Young Love (04:02)

Twelve more years have passed. The Leas attend church while Chicken George draws worshippers away from a separate slave service with a satirical sermon. The preacher’s daughter, Matilda, confronts him but obviously has a crush.

"Roots": Rooster Training (07:32)

George begins a new training regimen with one of Lea’s gamecocks leading to conflict with Mingo. He puts on a theatrical performance to encourage betting after being influenced by his next opponent, a freed slave named Marcellus.

"Roots": George Not for Sale (02:11)

Another plantation owner, named Jewett, offers to buy George after being impressed by his performance, but Tom Lea refuses to sell. Lea gives George a cut of the winnings.

"Roots": George Unveils His Plans (03:30)

George introduces his mother to Matilda and her father, Rev. Lyon. Kizzy confronts Lyon about following a white religion. George shares plans to marry Matilda and buy their freedom with his winnings.

"Roots": Lea is Challenged to a Duel (05:32)

Jewett hosts a party. Kizzy meets Marcellus who makes advances. William Byrd, another party guest, insults Tom Lea leading to a duel challenge. George is concerned with keeping Lea alive.

"Roots": George Coaches Lea to a Win (07:32)

Tom Lea fights and wins a gruesome duel with George’s support. Lea refers to George as his “only true friend,” in contrast to a warning from Mingo.

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Credits: Roots - 5

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Chicken George, the 10-year-old rascal son of Kizzy and grandson of Kunta Kinte, is drawn to the beauty of game hens. His father and master, Tom Lea, assigns him to work with fellow slave Mingo take care of the fighting birds against his mother’s wishes.

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