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Previously on "Roots" (01:20)


See a recap of story up to Tom Lea's bloody duel.

"Roots": George Lays Out Plan to Buy Freedom (02:58)

Tom Lea recuperates from his wounds. George confesses his plan to buy his freedom. Lea seems supportive and drops a clue that he is George’s father.

"Roots": George Marries Matilda (02:55)

George and Matilda are married. Tom Lea becomes jealous of the budding romance between Marcellus and Kizzy. He tells George to name his first son after him.

"Roots": Kizzy is Outraged (01:55)

Kizzy is upset by George’s promise to name his first son Tom. She tells the story of how her father, Kunta Kinte, suffered to keep his name.

"Roots": Marcellus Offers to Buy Kizzy (02:46)

Marcellus asks Kizzy to go north with him. Tom Lea barges in on them in bed, and Marcellus offers to buy his lover's freedom.

"Roots": Lea's Jealousy Boils Over (03:18)

A drunken Lea is outraged that Kizzy would choose Marcellus over him. He starts to rape her, but Kizzy pulls a knife, threatening to kill him if he touches her grandchildren. George realizes the ugly truth.

"Roots": News of Nat Turner (04:13)

Three years have passed. George and Mingo have become closer friends, and the younger man tells of plans to buy his and Matilda’s freedom. They travel to a cockfight in Virginia where Lea learns of Nat Turner’s slave rebellion. Mingo is savagely beaten.

"Roots": Lea Turns on George (01:59)

Mingo lies bleeding in the cart as the three return home. The party encounters two vigilantes who have just lynched two black men; their stories of Nat Turner make Lea more paranoid, and he makes George chain himself to the wagon.

"Roots": Lea's Farm Burns (02:22)

The trio returns to Lea’s farm to find buildings on fire. Lea blames slaves, but Rev. Lyon says it was a white militia. Kizzy and Matilda are missing.

"Roots": George Seeks Vengeance (05:05)

George finds Kizzy and Matilda who are hiding in the woods with other slaves. They return to the farm to discover Mingo has died. Kizzy tries to talk George out of seeking vengeance and reveals a secret that diffuses his rage.

"Roots": Naming the Baby (02:00)

George and Matilda have had another baby boy, and Kizzy – fearing for their safety -- has reversed her stance on naming him Tom. Kizzy shows her son how to name the baby as her father would have.

"Roots": Off to Charleston (02:07)

Four more years have passed. Tom Lea seems perplexed that George has been less friendly since Mingo’s death. The duo sets off for a Charleston jamboree where they hope to win big.

"Roots": Cockfight for Freedom (13:34)

In Charleston, Lea makes a hefty wager with Sir C. Eric Russell and promises George freedom if he wins. George wins decisively, but Lea foolishly bets twice as much on a rematch and betrays him in the end.

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Credits: Roots - 6

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Tom Lea promises that he will give George the opportunity to buy his freedom someday. Meanwhile, Kizzy’s love interest, Marcellus, offers to purchase her from Tom but he refuses to let her go.

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