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2016 Presidential Election (05:24)


The day before the election, Donald Trump told his supporters at a rally that his election would change the political landscape of the country. Hillary Clinton warned supporters that he was unfit to be president. Trump's "Make America Great Again" message spoke to a section of the American public, while not being taken seriously by media and political professionals.

Plans for the Presidency (05:13)

For more than 40 years before his election as president, Trump talked about trying his hand at politics. Trump was born in Queens to wealth construction magnate Fred Trump. He grew up believing ambition was the source of enlightenment.

Trump and Confrontation (06:20)

Trump announced his candidacy for president in June 2015 and did not back down from confrontation for 17 months. His attitude on the campaign trail was similar to how he handled his father's business after taking it over at 25. Trump always believed he was the smartest person and acted with that confidence.

Trump as a Celebrity (02:23)

By the 1970s, Trump had a fortune and rose to be a New York celebrity. His first wife, Ivana Zelnickova's charm offset his brash personality on the social scene. He was an outspoken supporter of Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential election.

Trump and Manhattan (08:41)

In the 1970s, Trump brought the idea of luxury condos to Manhattan. He renovated The Commodore Hotel near Grand Central Station with a 40-year tax break from the city. Trump took credit for New York's rebirth in the 1980s.

Trump and the USFL (04:41)

Trump has always favored self-promotion and exaggerating to get attention. After Trump Tower's opening, Trump believed he could be successful outside of real estate and bought a U.S. Football League team. Trump urged the USFL to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL, which caused the league to collapse.

Trump Properties (04:10)

Trump bought Mar-a-Lago in 1985 and restored it. In 1986, he bought the ice rink in Central Park to repair it, stating the city government was too inept to do so.

"The Art of the Deal" (07:36)

Trump wrote "The Art of the Deal" after repairing the Central Park ice rink, which gained him significant public attention. The book, much like with his president campaign, touted how great, rich, and smart he was. In 1986, he began to buy projects other people had completed in Atlantic City to turn them into casinos.

Trump Airlines (01:35)

In the late 1980s, Trump bought an airline, which he renamed after himself. His marketing strategy failed, the airline folded, and he defaulted on his $300 million loan.

Trump and Bankruptcy (07:07)

Trump never showed shame and framed his biggest failures as wins. The failure of super-casino Taj Mahal, which opened in 1990, added to Trump's $3 billion debt. The company filed for bankruptcy and Trump managed to reorganize his debts.

Trump and Women (05:59)

Frequently on the campaign trail, Trump was criticized for his treatment of women. He has been making disparaging remakes about women since the 1980s. He went through a very public divorce with Ivana in 1992 after he was caught having an affair with Marla Maples.

The Celebrity Factor (05:38)

Trump's drive for media attention turned him from a real estate developer into a celebrity. In the 1990s, he started taking cameos in film and television. "The Apprentice" first aired in 2005 and was widely successful.

Trump the Brand (02:27)

Trump married his third wife, Melania, in 2005. He changed his business model and started selling his name as a brand. He considered running for president in 2012.

Trump and Politics (03:52)

For decades, Trump believed he could run for president and win. He supported Republican candidates since the late 1980s. Many political strategists saw his campaign as an ego trip that he was not taking seriously.

Trump's Campaign (06:05)

Trump's shocking and offensive rhetoric on the campaign trail drew headlines. Many people protested his campaign for dividing the American public. More than 80 million watched Trump's debates with Clinton.

Trump as President (08:25)

A month before the election, a recording of Trump joking about sexual assault was released and numerous women came forward with sexual harassment claims. At the same time, the FBI announced it was re-examining Clinton's emails. Trump won the presidency.

Credits: Trump: Path to the White House (00:04)

Credits: Trump: Path to the White House

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