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Photographer:Victoria Ivleva (07:48)


After the Chernobyl explosion in 1991, Ivleva photographed reactor four. She has documented several armed conflicts, speaking out against violence and Russian aggression. She describes the conflict in Ukraine.

Photographer: Misha Domozhilov (08:07)

Domozhilov began photographing crowds and aggression, encountering people in nationalist movements, which led to the larger theme of identity. He photographs a homeless man from Moscow who has gained fame in combined wrestling, and Russian army volunteers. Russians want a strong, masculine leader.

Photographer: Oksana Yushko (08:06)

Though Russians struggle with identity and isolation, young people are embracing a more progressive view. After the Ukraine conflict severely divided Russians, Yushko began photographing mixed Russian-Ukrainian families. Her project "In Search of Islands" documents city people who decided to move to rural areas.

Credits: A Nation Divided (00:30)

Credits: A Nation Divided

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A Nation Divided

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9,000 kilometers from East to West, 3,000 from North to South, spanning eleven different time zones and 22 republics, Russia is a land of a thousand faces, and one that—for better or for worse—enjoys exceptional wealth. But in addition to all its ethnic and cultural contrasts, many social inequalities also rear their heads. Misha Domozhilov takes a look at documentary and sports photography through the prism of politics. His photographs in high-contrast black and white attest to the cult of force and violence in Russian society.

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