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Black Death (04:03)


In this video series, Patrick Boucheron will examine the impact of specific dates in history. The plague annihilated a third of Europe's population and came to Marseilles from Asia. Reports from the area describe how the disease devastated communities.

Reconstructing the Plague (03:27)

Historians hunt down clues to what occurred through thousands of documents. There is a two-year gap in the notary's register that suggests the presence of the plague. Society did not change as cities recovered.

Reaction to the Plague (03:43)

Communities organized processions to drive away demons and reduce sin. Residents looked for a scapegoat blaming lepers, Jews, and the nobility; the Jewish population was massacred in Basel, Freiburg, and Erfurt. Guy de Chauliac and Ibn Khatima studied the plague from a scientific point of view.

Terrorizing Europe (03:04)

Relapses occurred on an annual basis for over three centuries. A transi depicts Jean de La Grange after his death. During the Middle Ages, the difference in life expectancy between a farm hand and aristocrat was enormous.

Solving the Mystery of the Plague (03:24)

Alexandre Yersin discovered the Plague bacillus and Paul Louis Seymour determined that an Oriental rat flea ingested the microbe. Frédérique Audoin-Rouzeau realized rats carried the insects across Europe.

Spreading the Plague (03:57)

The paths of international commerce carried disease. Watch an animation of how the plague began in Volga and moved through Europe. Iceland, Scandinavia, and the Slavic world were excluded.

Impact of the Plague (04:35)

In Avignon, Pope Clement VI realized contamination spreads. Matteo Giovanetti painted frescoes depicting the Black Death. The grim reaper emerged as the icon for death.

Credits; 1347: The Beginnings of the Black Death (00:25)

Credits; 1347: The Beginnings of the Black Death

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1347: The Beginnings of the Black Death

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Did the first outbreaks occur in China or in the Caspian Sea? Experts still argue. But how did the plague actually spread? After many controversies, it seems that the rat flea was the major carrier of this disease.

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