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Dating and Social Media (02:33)


Partygoers discuss using Snapchat, Tinder, and Instagram to find sexual partners in Austin, Texas. One woman talks to other men even though she is in a committed relationship.

Birth of the Smartphone (02:40)

Students obtain mobile phones in middle school and join dating sites in high school. On the Internet, individuals can explore romance and their own sexuality. Adults age 18 to 30 spend an estimated 10 hours a week on dating apps.

Dating Apps (04:29)

Daniel describes how he uses Tinder to find women; Catherine and he meet for coffee as their first date. Ben explains how most use the dating app to have a tryst, not form relationships. Social networking generates a short-term dating psychology.

Sex Sells (04:17)

Cheyenne discusses her dream of meeting someone in a bookstore but realizes that does not happen anymore. People use social media to hide behind a screen and can choose what to share. Psychologist David Buss notes how sexually provocative women appear in their profile pictures; physical appearance takes a disproportionately large role in modern society.

"Hot or Not" (04:48)

Men will take an opportunity to see women as a collection of body parts. Mark Zuckerberg started Facemash in college. Jonathan Badeen and Whitney Wolfe Herd discuss how they formed Tinder and marketed it.

Looking for Hook Ups (03:58)

Bree discusses being one of the only African-American students in high school and joining OK Cupid. Black women are stereotyped on dating apps. Men use racist language and harsh.

Mini Adrenaline Rush (05:00)

Kyle describes how women he met in real life would ghost him after a few weeks and joined Tinder. Gamification is turning a real-life experience into a game; many of the apps we use now incorporate games. Having unpredictable but frequent rewards motivates someone.

Dating As a Game (02:56)

Vin identifies as non-binary and wants a connection before hooking up with another person. People feel obligated to have sex when they meet on dating apps.

Sexual Compulsive Behavior (03:39)

Claudia always is very clear about what she wants from a potential sexual partner. Women use dating apps differently from men and want a relationship. Market dynamics have shaped dating in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Bad Dates (03:14)

Swiping provides companies with valuable data about yourself to a corporation. Dating apps make money by providing faster service. Eighty-one percent of users have never found a long-term relationship on a swiping app.

Generation Gap and Social Media (03:09)

Young people interact through devices instead of meeting. In a "situationship," individuals are friends with benefits and also have an emotional relationship.

Twitter (02:51)

People demonstrate they are interested in another by liking their tweets. Tagged photos let you know everything about another. Men will have a different girl on each social networking site.

Internet Cheating (02:09)

Cheaters use Instagram messages, Snapchat, and Twitter DMs, because it is easy to avoid detection. Last year, Dylan had her heart broken after a man objectified her.

Fear of Rejection (03:58)

Men use dating apps in order to feel powerful; women discuss receiving dick pics. Bumble only allows women to make the first move. Critics feel that the app codifies that women have to do all the work.

Happy Relationships (03:49)

Kyle and Alex met on Tinder and are going to use the app and OK Cupid to date another female. Lesbians and gay men have an easier time finding a partner online.

Grindr (03:10)

Grindr shows a grid of homosexual individuals in the area who are ranked by proximity. Some users prefer remaining anonymous. Cruising is hot, fun, and part of the gay culture.

Preoccupation With Appearance (04:53)

Cheyenne does not enjoy sexual intimacy because she is so absorbed in how she looks to him. Alex uses emojis in their DM conversation. Men ask for Instagram usernames instead of phone numbers to stay in touch.

Porn (03:35)

Young adults discuss the benefits and drawbacks of pornography. Woman's pleasure is depicted as a result of a man's ejaculations. Experts blame the rising number of STDs on dating apps.

Sexting (07:10)

Recently there has been an increase in sharing sexual images. Nude images that circulate are typically pornographic. One in 25 Americans has been the target of revenge porn.

Risks to Online Dating (05:26)

Tinder wants to create a safe and comfortable environment for its users. Incidents of rape have increased due to online dating. Nearly half of all murdered women were in a romantic relationship with her attacker.

Creating Products Relevant for Women (06:41)

Cheyenne talks about how women have historically been seen by men. Mandy Ginsberg, the new CEO of Matchgroup provides safety tips to online dating. Virtual and augmented reality is the future of the apps.

Credits: Swiped-Hooking Up in the Digital Age (01:58)

Credits: Swiped-Hooking Up in the Digital Age

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With over 40 million Americans currently online dating, the internet has become an ubiquitous tool in modern courtship. Dating sites and apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, Match, Bumble, Hinge and others are part of a $2.5-billion industry that is rapidly changing the rules of dating, both expanding and accelerating access to potential mates for everything from “hookups” to long-term relationships. Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age follows several 20-something women and men from around the country, who describe in unvarnished detail their experiences with dating apps. As they navigate a seemingly unlimited stream of potential partners, app users navigate the hookup culture, unwanted explicit messages, and the capriciousness of simply “swiping right” (attractive) or “swiping left” (unattractive). The film also features interviews with founders and CEOs of some of the most widely used dating sites, as well as experts and academics who offer social and historical context to the rapidly evolving nature of dating today. Directed by first-time documentary filmmaker Nancy Jo Sales (author of The Bling Ring), the film covers all of the highs and lows of searching for love in the digital age, concluding with a glimpse of the future, as innovations like augmented-reality and virtual-reality dating are appearing just around the corner.

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