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The Kuceys and Chewy (04:42)


Chewy is a certified therapy pig that lives with the Kucey family and provides therapy for the six children—especially Draven. When the family moved, the children had anxiety. Once they got Chewy, their stress disappeared.

Pig Personalities and Needs (04:44)

Chewy is social, intelligent, clean, knows tricks, and is a picky eater. Draven wants to become a doctor and have a pig sanctuary when he gets older. The family visits a pig safe haven and learns that pigs can live into their twenties; they need insulated houses and sleeping boxes to stay warm.

Diabetic Alert Dogs (01:49)

The diabetic alert program is for people with type 1 diabetes and hypoglycemia; these people are unaware of diabetic lows. Dogs are trained to alert when blood sugar drops below 4.5. A handler demonstrates the training process.

LA and Nixon (02:48)

Nixon, a Labrador Burmese Mountain cross, is a therapy dog for former police officer, LA, who has PTSD. Nixon trained for three years, but is highly motivated by toys; because there were no toys, he did not pass his final exam. For LA, Nixon can retrieve medication, alert her husband, and bring the phone besides providing security, comfort, and safety.

Nixon at Work (03:46)

LA went to the National Service Dogs PTSD program where she met Nixon. Nixon is playful, but when wearing his vest, he listens more intently and helps LA cope with stress. LA and Nixon visit a horse farm where LA helps other first responders and victims of crime.

Public Places with Nixon (03:07)

LA and Ron have been turned away from a restaurant because they had Nixon; the restaurant said it was a public health issue. They want to celebrate their anniversary at a special restaurant, but are stressed because of the previous experience; the restaurant allows Nixon to stay.

Credits: Chewy & The Kuceys/LA & Nixon—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:31)

Credits: Chewy & The Kuceys/LA & Nixon—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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Chewy & The Kuceys/LA & Nixon—Collar of Duty: Season 1

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A therapy pig named Chewy helps a large family de-stress after moving countries, giving them the motivation to be more involved in their new community. A former police officer with PTSD receives assistance from a fun loving Bernese/Black Labrador mix named Nixon, who helps her cope with past traumas allowing her to find a new life and love again.

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