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Julia and Service Dog Stanley (03:22)


Stanley, a standard poodle/lab mix, is a service dog that looks after Julia who has psychological and physical illnesses. Stanley is cross-trained as a medical alert dog and an emotional support dog. Stanley can detect when Julia’s heartbeat is irregular, smell when she produces too much serotonin, and provide comfort.

Stanley's Helping Abilities (06:33)

Julia started showing signs of schizophrenia when she was eighteen. She went to her family doctor and then a crisis worker who suggested a service dog. She trained Stanley and can now be more independent and engage in more activities with family and friends.

Detection Dog Training (02:15)

Professional dogs receive training for various detection jobs including drugs, bombs, accelerants, and bugs. A trainer uses a synthetic imitation of drugs and positive reinforcement.

Daniel and Guide Dog Leo (04:19)

Leo, a yellow lab, helps Daniel who is blind. Leo guides Daniel to work, locates and avoids obstacles, crosses streets safely, and gets on buses. Daniel was not born blind and has had to relearn everything; his niece now has a guide dog.

Leo's Helping Abilities (04:29)

It took Daniel a while to trust Leo completely, but he eventually returned to work; his life is better overall. With guide dogs, Daniel and his niece can venture into the world safely. They take their dogs to a new neighborhood for a cooking lesson.

Credits: Daniel & Leo/Julia & Stanley—Collar of Duty: Season 2 (00:30)

Credits: Daniel & Leo/Julia & Stanley—Collar of Duty: Season 2

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Daniel & Leo/Julia & Stanley—Collar of Duty: Season 2

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 2
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After losing his vision from a hereditary condition, Daniel rebuilds his life with the help of his guide dog, Leo. A young woman with physical and mental health issues is looked after by her service dog, Stanley, who is named after her childhood teddy bear.

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