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Dryver and Service Dog Kallie (05:34)


A border collie/husky mix helps a boy with severe anxiety; Dryver was diagnosed with social phobia. He has had panic attacks and was isolated, self-harming, and suicidal before he found Kallie. Dryver now has confidence and a purpose.

Learning New Skills (04:18)

Kallie brings peace of mind to Dryver and his family. Dryver has anxiety, but wants to be a dog trainer. Kallie helps Dryver when he goes to The Lions Foundation.

Service and Therapy Animals (02:01)

Happy Tails is a place where humans and their pets can be evaluated to go as a team to visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. Service dogs are not considered pets and can go anywhere with handlers. Therapy animals provide emotional support, lift moods, and provide stress relief.

Stephanie and Service Dog Flare (04:25)

A golden retriever helps a girl who suffers from chronic pain as a result of omphalocele and gastroparesis. When Stephanie was in the hospital, people noticed she was more motivated to get out of bed when the therapy dog was present, so her family got her Flare from COPE Service Dogs. Flare helps with mobility issues, pressure therapy, and emotional support.

Flare's Helping Abilities (04:41)

Flare helps Stephanie with removing clothes, wheelchair pulling, item retrieval, motivation, and mobility-related tasks. Stephanie is off her IV and eating solid foods. She takes Flare out to eat for family bonding time.

Credits: Dryver & Kallie/Stephanie & Flare—Collar of Duty: Season 2 (00:31)

Credits: Dryver & Kallie/Stephanie & Flare—Collar of Duty: Season 2

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Dryver & Kallie/Stephanie & Flare—Collar of Duty: Season 2

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 2
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A Border Collie Husky mix named Kallie helps a teenage boy struggling with deep depression, and is the muse for his career aspirations. A Golden Retriever named Flare distracts a teenage girl from her chronic pain so she can enjoy life.

Length: 23 minutes

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