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Adam and Service Dog Gus (04:20)


A chocolate lab service dog helps a man with quadriplegia. Adam became depressed and lacked the ability to care for himself, despite a strong support system. He obtained Gus as a pet.

Service Dog Testing (06:15)

Adam did not want to take a working dog from someone who needed one, but Gus needed behavior training. Adam found trainer who was willing to train Gus in service animal tasks. Adam and Gus take the full-access test, so Gus can become certified.

Digital Evidence Alert Dog (02:09)

Fallon, a golden retriever, can find electronics. Fallon and her handler go to various crime scenes or places where detectives have a search warrant. Fallon also provides therapy for the other detectives.

Sarah and Therapy Horse Picasso (02:38)

A paint horse provides therapy for a woman with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disability. Picasso stays at the Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Center and helps people with physical or cognitive special needs. Sarah is calm and relaxed when she rides horses.

Horseback Riding (05:27)

Sarah has made progress with self-esteem and confidence from equine therapy. Picasso is more for advanced riders; he and Sarah are still getting to know each other. They perform a task to see if Sarah and Picasso ride well together.

Credits: Adam & Gus/Sarah & Picasso—Collar of Duty: Season 2 (00:31)

Credits: Adam & Gus/Sarah & Picasso—Collar of Duty: Season 2

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Adam & Gus/Sarah & Picasso—Collar of Duty: Season 2

Part of the Series : Collar Of Duty: Season 2
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A car accident left Adam paralyzed and he didn’t realize there was a void in his life until he got Gus, a Chocolate Lab who unintentionally became his service dog. A young woman with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome learns fundamental socialization skills through a therapeutic horse-riding program.

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