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Introduction: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (04:28)


Watch a clip of Robin Williams from "Inside the Actor's Studio." It is a never-ending struggle to not burn out. (Credits)

Childhood: Williams (04:27)

Williams' father travels across the Midwest for Ford Motor Company. The comedian attends an all-boys school similar to the one in "Dead Poet's Society."

Move to San Francisco (04:36)

Williams mimicks his history teacher Tino Lavezzo at a senior performance. When attending Claremont College, he takes an improvisational theater class with women from Pitzer and ignores his political science classes. After his first year, he transferrs to the College of Marin to study theater.

Julliard School Years (03:37)

Christopher Reeve and Williams attend as advanced program students. Williams returns home and begins spending time performing improvisational comedy and stand up.

Character Connections (06:00)

Valerie Velardi meets Williams while he is bartending at the Holy City Zoo. David Letterman meets Williams at "The Comedy Store." Williams entertains the audience without a microphone at "The Laugh Stop."

Building Comedy Routines (04:53)

Bennett Tramer compares writing stand-up for Williams to pinch-hitting for Barry Bonds. Frankie Williams marriage to Todd Williams lasts thirty years. Watch a clip of Williams with his mother.

Williams' First Marriage (02:28)

Elayne Boosler describes Williams moving in to her apartment and his affection for women. Williams marries Velardi.

Career Breakthrough (04:27)

Scott Marshall explains how Williams was cast as Mork from Ork on "Happy Days." Garry Marshall brought in a fourth camera to film "Mork & Mindy."

Performance Demands (06:15)

Williams performs five or six sets of stand-up comedy a night. During the second year of "Mork & Mindy," he begins using drugs. Velardi understands that he has a need for other women.

Williams' First Film (03:26)

Williams stars in "Popeye" and receives negative reviews. John Belushi overdoses. Williams promises Dawber he will never OD and die.

"Mork & Mindy" Cancelled (03:28)

Williams rants about the challenges of working with ABC from inside a frog costume. Velardi and he return to Northern California. Zachary Williams is born.

Need to Perform Stand-Up (08:18)

Williams appreciates that he is not censored when performing stand-up comedy. Velardi recalls hiring Marsha Garces as a nanny. Arthur Grace photographs Williams over the course of a month.

Williams' Love Affair (04:19)

Billy Crystal recalls the first time he and Williams connected about fatherhood. Williams and Velardi's marriage disintegrates. Garces and Williams begin a relationship.

Williams' Second Marriage (05:56)

Zelda and Cody Williams are born. Williams films "Good Morning, Vietnam." "Dead Poet's Society," "The Fisher King," and "Hook" establishing himself as a movie star.

"Awakenings" (02:55)

Williams meets Dr. Oliver Sachs. Roles become another facet of the actor's personality. Williams describes what he learned performing in "The Fisher King."

Long-Lasting Friendship (05:37)

Williams, Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg create Comic Relief to help the homeless. Williams crank calls Crystal the day of President Ronald Regan's funeral.

"Aladdin" (06:02)

Williams improvises scenes regularly. Watch clips from "Mrs. Doubtfire," "Patch Adams," and "One Hour Photo."

Secrets of Acting (06:14)

Watch clips from "Jakob the Liar" and "Good Will Hunting." Williams gives the acceptance speech for Jack Nicholson and Daniel Day-Lewis at the Critic's Choice Award.

Desire to Entertain (04:17)

Williams participates in a USO tour with Lewis Black. Zachary describes challenges in his relationship with his father.

Depression (04:05)

Williams and Woody Harrelson shoot "The Big White." Williams starts drinking during "Man of the Year."

Divorce and Health Scare (04:49)

Garces files for divorce. Williams undergoes heart surgery; life becomes more precious.

Personal Freedom (04:00)

Williams describes filming scenes for "World's Greatest Dad" and marries Susan Schneider. Dawber agrees to work on "The Crazy Ones."

Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis (04:45)

Friends and colleagues describe the last months of Williams' life and his suicide.

Remembering Williams (03:59)

Zachary describes the weeks after his father's death. Watch clips of Williams's stand-up comedy acts.

Credits: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (02:37)

Credits: Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

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A love letter to a unique and irrepressible comic talent, who left us far too soon, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind takes viewers through the one-of-a-kind actor and comedian’s extraordinary life and career, revealing what drove him to give voice to the incredible characters he created in his mind. Told largely through Williams’ own voice, captured in interviews and audio recordings, and with a wealth of never-before-seen footage, including home movies and film/TV outtakes, the film showcases Williams’ boundless energy, lightning wit and knack for creating memorable characters on stage and screen. The documentary also features personal archival material and new interviews with those who loved and knew Williams best, including Billy Crystal, Pam Dawber, David Letterman, Steve Martin and many more. Directed by Marina Zenovich, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind delves into the intricacies of a man who needed an audience just as much as audiences needed someone like him.

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