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Outside the Bubble: Introduction (02:35)


Rarely does television show two people in conversation with different belief systems. Alexandra Pelosi is going to travel across the United States speaking to people with whom she disagrees to better understand their viewpoints.

Guns (07:48)

Pelosi speaks with members of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs where a gunman killed 26 individuals. Al Hyatt carries a concealed weapon everywhere. Joe Holcombe, who lost nine members of his family, feels only joy that their souls are with God.

Women's Issues (06:52)

Women in Alabama discuss why they voted for Donald Trump as president, their thoughts on abortion, and how they feel about the #MeToo Movement. Rebecca Hamlin works as an exterminator and had her first child when she was 16.

Jobs (09:30)

Paul Hela supports Trump even though the president could not save his job. Josh Leonard and his friends began working at an early age. Pelosi speaks to workers who are about to be laid off from working in the coal mine.

Climate (09:52)

Port Arthur had 54 inches of water after Hurricane Harvey. Derrick Freeman explains that residents are more concerned with finding a job than global warming. Judy Nichols describes how enzymes and microbes ate oil in the ocean after the BP oil spill.

Race (06:59)

People debate race in America by discussing Confederate iconography. Charlottesville covered the statue of Robert E. Lee until the court decided whether it should be removed. Charles Weber discusses how social media deters individuals from effective communicatinon.

Immigration (11:52)

President Trump arrives to examine prototypes of the wall. Chris Harris of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol demonstrates why infrastructure is necessary. Ben Bergquam believes that America is in the midst of a Civil War.

Credits: Outside the Bubble (00:55)

Credits: Outside the Bubble

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Directed by Emmy® nominee Alexandra Pelosi, who has produced some of HBO’s most memorable documentaries over the last 16 years, Outside the Bubble chronicles Pelosi’s cross-country trip to engage in conversations with fellow Americans in an effort to gain an unfiltered understanding of their perspectives. Over the course of the one-hour film, Pelosi talks to people from several noteworthy locations across America, including Sutherland Springs, Texas; Charlottesville, Virginia; rural Alabama; Bobtown, Pennsylvania; Port Arthur, Texas; and San Diego, California. Her mission: to communicate face-to-face with people who may not share her own point of view—but who agree that we must learn to listen to each other in a divided America.

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