Segments in this Video

Election Day (04:37)


Donald Trump and his senior campaign team are at Trump Tower. Early exit polls indicate Trump will lose, but Florida is the first of many surprises as swing state votes are counted. Hilary Clinton calls Trump and concedes.

Presidential Candidate (05:06)

Trump shows a penchant for demagoguery and going off message. His campaign runs like a family business, with Corey Lewandowski at its helm. He survives early controversies stemming from comments about immigrants and Sen. John McCain’s service in Vietnam.

First Debate Performance (03:32)

During the first Republican presidential debate, Trump faces a group of experienced candidates. He scores points by insulting opponents and doubling down on previous controversies. The press flocks to him and his poll numbers surge after he attacks moderator Megyn Kelly on Twitter.

Campaign Rallies (04:20)

Fans flock to Trump’s campaign events. He displays the same media savvy and showmanship that made him a hit on NBC-TV’s “The Apprentice.” The candidate speaks to his supporters’ resentment of immigrants, trade deals, and the media.

Trump's Base vs. Political Establishment (03:14)

Trump proves he can use his working-class base of voters to win. They are mostly white and do not like political correctness. The political establishment feeds into his narrative.

Rallies Turn Ugly (03:10)

Trump refuses to distance himself from white supremacist drawn to his message. He stirs anger toward protestors and the media, often with violent results.

Republican National Convention (02:25)

Trump goes to the convention, using the language of autocrats as he told followers they were neglected by powerful elites.

DNC and Kahn Controversy (03:29)

Clinton accepts the democratic nomination for president. Her strategy is to draw on Barack Obama’s legacy and bet on diversity. Khizr and Ghazala Kahn highlight Trump’s record of demonizing Muslims and other minorities. Trump responds via tweet, stirring up more controversy.

Presidential Debate (04:06)

Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway join Trump’s campaign ahead of the first debate with Clinton. Frank Luntz says Trump is the worst prepared candidate in American politics. Trump loses control of the debate.

"Access Hollywood" Video (03:16)

Unaired footage of Trump bragging about groping women without their consent surfaces two days before the second debate. He addresses the controversy on Facebook, deflecting attention toward former president Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Clinton Accusers and Second Debate (05:03)

Trump holds a press conference with Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment accusers before the second presidential debate. He looms over Hillary Clinton during the debate and suggests he will jail her if elected.

Wikileaks Bolsters Trump Campaign (03:23)

Trump’s anti-establishment message continues to resonate on the campaign trail. Hackers release a torrent of emails stolen from the Clinton campaign, hurting her poll numbers. Intelligence agencies believe the leaks are orchestrated by the Russian government.

FBI Investigation (03:33)

Director James Comey announces the Federal Bureau of Investigation has reopened an investigation into Clinton’s use of a personal email server. Trump supporters chant "lock her up."

Trump Surges to Win (01:31)

Trump solidifies the Republican base in the final days of the campaign. During rallies, he tries to win voters behind “the blue wall.” It is a winning strategy.

Credits: Trump's Road to the White House (01:03)

Credits: Trump's Road to the White House

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