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"The Woman in White": Recommendation (04:55)


Marian Halcombe asks for Erasmus Nash's help in solving Laura Fairlie's murder and explains how she came to know Walter Hartright. Pesca admits to recommending Walter to Frederick Fairlie. Walter discusses the offer with his mother. (Credits)

"The Woman in White": Evening Encounter (04:40)

Walter tells Pesca he accepts the post in Cumberland. He walks home and meets a woman in white. He later hears a man claiming she escaped from an asylum.

"The Woman in White": Limmeridge House (07:03)

Walter journeys to his new post as art instructor for Mr. Fairlie's nieces. Pesca demands information from Nash. Walter meets Marian and tells her about the woman in white.

"The Woman in White": Frederick Fairlie (03:47)

Walter meets Mr. Fairlie who finds loud sounds intolerable. Walter examines the art portfolio Mr. Fairlie wants him to restore.

"The Woman in White": Meeting Laura (03:15)

Walter meets Laura and Mrs. Vesey in the dining room. After dinner, Laura plays the piano.

"The Woman in White": Afternoon Outing (04:46)

Walter, Marian, Laura, and Mrs. Vesey walk along the coast for inspiration. Marian and Walter discuss the woman in white. Laura suggests bathing in the sea.

"The Woman in White": Competitive Spirit (03:13)

Marian and Walter play billiards. Later, Marian looks through old letters for the possible name of the woman in white. Walter and Laura discuss the deaths of their fathers.

"The Woman in White": Art Instruction (03:13)

Walter, Marian, and Laura paint by the sea. Marian asks Laura about a girl that came to Limmeridge; Laura thinks Anne Catherick died. Later, Laura plays the piano and Marian shares a letter about Anne with Walter.

"The Woman in White": Anne Catherick? (03:31)

Walter sees the woman in white at Limmeridge but she flees; he and Marian discuss the incident. Mr. Nash questions Mr. Fairlie about Laura and an engagement to Sir Percival Glyde.

"The Woman in White": Forbidden Love (06:02)

Walter and Laura discuss dreams and kiss. Marian instructs Fanny on the arrival of Mr. Gilmore. Marian confronts Laura and Walter about their attachment; Laura is engaged.

"The Woman in White": Laura's Warning (03:45)

Laura receives an anonymous letter about Sir Percival. Marian and Walter attempt to discover its author. Jacob claims to have seen a ghost next to the grave of Marian's mother.

"The Woman in White": Subterfuge (05:59)

Sir Percival arrives at Limmeridge and vows to make Laura happy. Mrs. Hartright asks Nash about Walter. Walter encounters the woman in white who warns him about Sir Percival.

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 1 (00:37)

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 1

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The Woman in White: Episode 1

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Walter Hartright encounters a ghostly woman dressed in white. He offers help, but later discovers she had escaped from a lunatic asylum. At Walter's new job, he learns of a connection between his pupils and the mysterious woman in white.

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