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"The Woman in White": Laura's Fiance (02:36)


Erasmus Nash questions Mr. Gilmore. Sir Percival Glyde brings Laura a gift; Marian Halcombe introduces Sir Percival to Walter Hartright. Walter tells Marian about meeting Anne Catherick. (Credits)

"The Woman in White": Dismissal (04:23)

Walter and Marian take their concerns to Gilmore. Frederick Fairlie tells Marian he is releasing Walter from his post; Walter says goodbye to Laura.

"The Woman in White": Sir Percival's Defense (04:46)

Sir Percival prevents Laura from seeing Walter leave. He explains his connection with Anne to Gilmore and Marian, and asks Marian to write to Mrs. Catherick.

"The Woman in White": Distractions (04:06)

Nash questions Gilmore about the letter. Sir Percival talks about a happy wedding; Marian and Laura remain quiet. Later, Sir Percival invites Marian to go riding and asks about Walter.

"The Woman in White": Long Engagement (03:29)

Marian anxiously awaits a letter from Mrs. Catherick and shares her concerns with Gilmore. Sir Percival tells Laura he is eager to marry; Laura has a nightmare about Sir Percival.

"The Woman in White": Breaking the Engagement? (05:56)

In the presence of Marian, Laura tells Sir Percival that her affections lie elsewhere, but Sir Percival still wants to marry. Walter writes to Marian about his quest to find Anne; he believes he is being followed.

"The Woman in White": Laura's Resignation (02:45)

Marian tells Gilmore that Mrs. Catherick confirms Sir Percival's story. Laura asks Marian to give Walter a box if anything should happen to her.

"The Woman in White": Death Benefits (04:13)

Sir Percival seeks Laura's inheritance if she should die; Gilmore urges Mr. Fairlie to deny the request. Marian tells Walter that Sir Percival has been vindicated. Walter tells Laura he is leaving the country.

"The Woman in White": Marital Sacrifices (03:42)

Gilmore denounces Sir Percival's request for Laura's inheritance and encourages postponing the wedding; Mr. Fairlie agrees to Sir Percival's terms. Marian confronts Mr. Fairlie and tells Laura she will soon marry.

"The Woman in White": Future Plans (04:10)

Sir Percival tells Laura about his plans for the honeymoon. Marian and Laura reflect on living in Blackwater. Sir Percival reveals he does not want Marian to accompany Laura to Italy.

"The Woman in White": Wedding Day (03:44)

Marian meets Count Fosco; Anne visits the grave of Marian's mother. Sir Percival and Laura wed. Nash questions Mrs. Vesey about a letter from Laura.

"The Woman in White": Blackwater (05:46)

Marian arrives at her new home and explores the rooms. Sir Percival, Count Fosco, Madam Fosco, and Sir Percival arrive. Laura tells Marian about her honeymoon in Italy and asks about Walter.

"The Woman in White": Tense Atmosphere (05:32)

At dinner, Sir Percival laments Laura's demeanor and Count Fosco attempts to charm Marian. Marian finds an injured dog and takes him to Mrs. Michelson.

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 2 (00:37)

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 2

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The Woman in White: Episode 2

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With Sir Percival impatient to marry Laura, Walter and Marian try to uncover the truth about his past. Wedding arrangements begin, with Mr. Fairlie agreeing to a settlement that raises questions about Sir Percival’s true intentions.

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