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"The Woman in White": Eavesdropping (04:07)


Marian Halcombe overhears Count Fosco tell Sir Percival Glyde about her letter to Mr. Gilmore. Sir Percival and Fosco discuss Anne Catherick's likeness to Laura Fairlie (Lady Glyde) and Sir Percival's need for Laura's capital. (Credits)

"The Woman in White": Marian's Fever (04:31)

Laura tries to calm Marian; Fosco dismisses the physician. Mrs. Michelson tells Erasmus Nash about caring for Marian. Sir Percival and the count discuss finances and Laura's death.

"The Woman in White": Deception (03:58)

Fosco intercepts Anne's message to Laura; Mrs. Clements explains the encounter and Anne's disappearance to Nash. Mrs. Michelson questions Laura about the absence and Sir Percival claims Marian left for Limmeridge House.

"The Woman in White": Imprisonment (04:03)

Laura confronts Sir Percival about Marian's departure and demands to go to Limmeridge. Sir Percival orders her to journey with Fosco. Still feverish, Marian realizes she has been locked in another room.

"The Woman in White": Journey to London (04:38)

Laura questions the events around Marian's departure and asks Mrs. Michelson to send her letter to Mrs. Vesey. Laura tells Sir Percival she may not return to Blackwater. Fosco meets Laura at the train station.

"The Woman in White": Count Fosco's House (04:55)

Fosco is evasive about Marian's whereabouts, but eventually tells Laura that she is gravely ill; two strangers question Laura. Mrs. Michelson finds Sir Percival weeping and yelling.

"The Woman in White": East Wing Surprise (03:17)

Mrs. Michelson finds Margaret Porcher and Marian in a closed part of the house; she questions Sir Percival. Nash questions Mrs. Clements about Laura.

"The Woman in White": Laura's Death (04:42)

Mourners attend the funeral service; Marian learns of her sister's death. Marian meets with Mr. Kyrle and learns of Mr. Gilmore's stroke and Walter Hartright's return. Marian tells Walter about Laura.

"The Woman in White": Belief in Murder (03:05)

Someone throws water on Laura in a dark room. Mr. Kyrle informs Marian and Walter that Laura died of natural causes. They refute the claim and vow to seek justice; Mrs. Hartright suggests they talk to Nash.

"The Woman in White": Testimonies (05:51)

Laura attempts to flee the asylum; the staff believes she is Anne. Marian insists Sir Percival and Fosco are responsible for her death. Nash gathers information from Frederick Fairlie, Mr. Gilmore, Mr. Merriman, Mrs. Vesey, and Mrs. Clements.

"The Woman in White": Solitary Confinement (03:47)

Marian and Walter locate Anne but, the proprietor refuses them contact. Marian sneaks into the dining hall and realizes the woman in the straitjacket is Laura, not Anne.

"The Woman in White": Escape (05:17)

A staff member helps Marian and Walter sneak Laura out of the asylum. Mr. Fairlie refuses to acknowledge Laura and insists she is Anne.

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 4 (00:37)

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 4

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The Woman in White: Episode 4

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Marian overhears Sir Percival and Fosco plotting against Laura. But Marian falls ill and Sir Percival conceals her, telling Laura that she has gone to London. Fosco puts his sinister plan into action. Will Marian be able to save Laura?

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