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"The Woman in White": Sir Percival's Fear (03:50)


Sir Percival Glyde tells Count Fosco of his wife's escape; Percival worries about the testimonies Marian Halcombe and Walter Hartright are gathering. Fosco insists there is no danger. Marian and Walter tend to Laura Fairlie. (Credits)

"The Woman in White": In Hiding (04:32)

Walter and Marian discuss establishing Laura's identity and inform her of Anne Catherick's death; Sir Percival searches for the trio. Walter tells Laura that he still loves her. Marian receives a threatening letter from Fosco.

"The Woman in White": Mutual Enemy (04:43)

Erasmus Nash informs Walter they do not have enough evidence against Sir Percival and Fosco. Walter informs Mrs. Catherick of Anne's death and asks about Sir Percival's secret; Sir Percival's man sees Walter leave.

"The Woman in White": Making Connections (02:55)

Walter and Marian decide to investigate Sir Percival's family background. Walter gifts Laura with a music box. Sir Percival learns Walter visited Mrs. Catherick.

"The Woman in White": Sir Percival's Illegitimacy (04:15)

Marian and Walter learn where Sir Percival's mother married. Walter finds an irregularity in the registry and learns Sir Percival's secret.

"The Woman in White": Sir Percival's Demise (05:30)

Marian and Laura reminisce. Sir Percival steals the church keys and rips a page from the marriage registry. He sets the building on fire and gets caught in the blaze; Walter tries to save him.

"The Woman in White": Forgiving Family (05:22)

Fosco informs Marian of Sir Percival's death and tries to make a bargain; Nash interrupts the confrontation. Laura learns of her husband's death and offers forgiveness. Nash tells the women about his daughter.

"The Woman in White": Fairlie Family Secrets (04:12)

Walter confronts Mrs. Catherick about helping Sir Percival and learns that Anne was Laura's sister. Laura wants to return to Limmeridge. Walter helps her find peace.

"The Woman in White": Following Fosco (04:51)

Walter, Marian, Laura, and Nash discuss learning more about Fosco's background. Pesca accompanies Walter to the opera, but denies recognizing Fosco. Later, Pesca reveals Fosco's connection to The Brotherhood.

"The Woman in White": Confession (08:06)

Walter proposes to Laura; he refuses to allow Marian to accompany him to Fosco's house. Walter confronts Fosco and states his terms. Fosco explains his involvement with Sir Percival.

"The Woman in White": Vindication (05:54)

Nash gives Walter the testimonies that prove Laura's identity. Pesca kills Fosco. Laura, Marian, and Walter confront Fredrick Fairlie. Later, Laura and Walter receive a letter from Marian who has been traveling.

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 5 (00:36)

Credits: The Woman in White: Episode 5

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The Woman in White: Episode 5

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Walter, Marian, and Laura are forced into hiding from Sir Percival and Fosco. Sir Percival is haunted by the possibility of his secret being revealed, but Marian and Walter know they must discover it to prove his role in the conspiracy.

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