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U.N. Diplomat and Negotiator (03:38)


Ralph Bunche received the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating armistice agreements between Israel and four neighboring nations. His resolutions and mediation strategies appeared in Los Angeles among rival street gangs.

Forgotten in History (03:31)

Bunche's work with the United Nations left a lasting legacy. Nearly one billion African Americans benefited from the U.N. de-colonization charter.

Right to Self-Determination (05:02)

Many black people in America did not realize Bunche's role in creating an international climate that supported the Civil Rights Movement. Bunche excelled in high school, attended UCLA, and taught at Howard University.

Inspiration and Activism (04:24)

Bunche's grandfather established a school in Texas to teach former child slaves; his grandmother had a strong sense of racial pride. During WWII, Bunche worked with the O.S.S. and State Department. He became part of the team that established the United Nations.

United Nations Contributions (02:56)

Trygve Lie placed Bunche in charge of colonial mandates. Bunche's activities as the acting mediator in the Middle East won him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950.

Teaching Modules (05:11)

Williams created a series of modules about Bunche's life for high school and early college courses. Rival street gangs used Bunche's resolutions and mediation strategies to establish a truce; the tactics could be viable in today's Middle East.

Credits: Ralph Bunche: The Lost Hero (00:22)

Credits: Ralph Bunche: The Lost Hero

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Who was the first African American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? As the United Nations Undersecretary General, Ralph Bunche successfully negotiated armistice agreements between Israel and four hostile nations and developed peacekeeping strategies and operations around the globe. In this documentary on his extraordinary life, Bunche’s resolution and mediation strategies are being used today on street gangs in Los Angeles. Award-winning "Black Journal" filmmaker William Greaves shares some illuminating insights into Bunche’s life and career.

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