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Introduction: Going Home—Part II (01:13)


Bush Afro-Americans (Djuka) and Amerindians live side-by-side in Suriname, South America. Dr. Allen Counter and David Evans study their cultures.

Fishing and Hunting Practices (03:23)

Djuka villagers use neku plants to catch fish; boys learn to use bows and arrows at a young age. Counter recalls hunting with Amerindians.

Village Education (03:05)

Village elders use poems and stories to teach the children their legacy and history. Djuka society is matrilineal; men are more involved with the education of their sisters' children than their own. A boy learns to steer a canoe.

Tribal Health (04:12)

Counter and Evans investigate the link between the villagers' diet and health. They discuss the use of cassava plants and hearing loss. Tony Brown explains cassava processing.

Tribal Art (01:54)

All Djukas create some form of art including wood carvings and metal anklets. Amerindians use natural paints on many items; they often use red paint on their bodies.

Sacred Legends (03:19)

Djukas use religious rituals and oral traditions to preserve their history. Amerindians and the Djukas have similar rituals to ward off evil spirits. Djuka villages are located at the head of rapids.

Religious Rituals (06:54)

A woman performs a mourning ritual after the death of her husband. Death is seldom considered natural and witchcraft is often suspected; death is about spiritual renewal and community. See ceremonies involving medicine men and spirit possession.

Modernization and Reflection (02:04)

Evans and Counter reflect on recording tribal societies. The government plans to alter many villages. Evans and Counter co-authored "I Sought My Brother."

Credits: Red and Black, the First World: Going Home - Part 2 (01:03)

Credits: Red and Black, the First World: Going Home - Part 2

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Red and Black, the First World: Going Home - Part 2

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In this program from Tony Brown's Journal, Harvard professor and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Allen Counter along with Mr. David Evans, continue their discussion about Suriname, South America.

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