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Legal and Illegal Slavery (03:21)


Jenifer Frank co-wrote "Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged and Profited from Slavery." When the slave trade was banned in 1808, New York City became the location for illegal trade.

Ongoing Slave Trade (04:00)

Northerners denied the wide reach of the slave trade and focused on their own profits. Africans were brought to sugar plantations in the West Indies. When the cotton gin was invented, certain slaves were selected to go north to the United States.

Press in the North (03:19)

"The Liberator" under William Lloyd Garrison was an abolitionist newspaper. Bounty hunters made profits recapturing escaped African slaves. The Cannon gang would capture free black men on the docks in Philadelphia and sell them in the South.

Massachusetts Puritans (02:55)

Massachusetts was the first state to recognize slavery. Colonists found a wild continent and believed Africans were subhuman. Captive slaves built America.

Abolitionist Movement (04:12)

Authorities incarcerated Garrison for his own safety. John Brown felt more disgusted by New Englanders than southern plantation owner. Frank and her co-authors entered into writing the book with a lot of preconceived notions about slavery.

Profits and Side Businesses (04:14)

The cotton trade built New York City and many other New England cities. In the triangular trade route, ships picked up slaves from Africa, traveled to West India, then and traveled to the Northern U.S.

White-American Population (03:16)

During book talks, many individuals expressed to the co-authors how their ancestors came after slavery was abolished. America became a magnet for immigrants because of the slave trade. J.A. Rogers wrote a book on Africa's gift to America.

Credits: Southern Slavery, Northern Lies (02:24)

Credits: Southern Slavery, Northern Lies

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This program from Tony Brown's continues the look at the role of the North in the growth of slavery and racism in America. It discusses king cotton and the legal and illegal slave trade, among other historic events. Journalist Jenifer Frank, co-author of Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery, examines the impact of slavery in the development of the nation.

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