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What Is Hospitality? (01:25)


Hospitality is about treating people in the best way possible most suited to the situation.

Hospitality Jobs (01:18)

Hospitality workers, such as cleaners, stewards, kitchen hands, and management, are part of an industry that makes it possible for businesspeople to transact business and entertain clients without worry.

Importance of Hospitality Industry (00:47)

The hospitality industry has a substantial effect on the economy. The industry is divided into three parts: management, kitchen, and customer service.

Managers, Kitchen Staff, and Customer Service (01:51)

Hospitality managers may manage bars, cafes nightclubs, hotels, or resorts. Kitchen staff includes chefs, cooks, and kitchen assistants. Customer service includes wait staff, front of house, and information services.

People Skills (01:13)

Some workers in the hospitality industry must have excellent people skills. Attention to detail and good organization are essential skills for people working at the front desk or front of house.

Communication Skills (01:20)

In all parts of the hospitality industry, having good communication skills is very important. Workers must be professional at all times--especially when customers are difficult or impolite.

Diverse Customer Base (00:59)

The ability to relate to a diverse customer base is valuable to people in the hospitality industry. Speak slowly and clearly, and ask for clarification. Remain calm in difficult situations.

Hospitality Establishments (00:57)

Non-commercial establishments such as prisons, hospitals, and schools do not make a profit. Commercial establishments like hotels and restaurants operate for profit.

Commercial Establishment (01:06)

Club Med's Lindeman Island resort is an all-inclusive establishment that caters to families.

Hospitality Industry Caters to Diverse Populations (01:22)

Commercial and non-commercial establishments cater to a diverse population. Kitchens must meet the needs of guests with different palates and dietary restrictions.

Hospitality Departments (01:26)

Hospitality can be divided into three categories: management, kitchen, and customer service. Other departments are involved in the day-to-day operations, such as food and beverage, housekeeping, and sales and marketing.

Departmental Interdependence (01:29)

All the departments of a Club Med resort, for example, must interrelate with each other to keep things running smoothly.

Importance of Communication in Hospitality (00:56)

Communication skills are especially important in the kitchen of large commercial establishments.

Careers in Hospitality (01:17)

Qualifications for jobs in the hospitality industry include specific training, the willingness to do what needs to be done, and apprentice experience,

Career Information (00:60)

A person seeking a career in the hospitality industry can get help from career counselors, the Internet, and local newspapers.

Opportunities Within the Hospitality Industry (01:57)

Once a person is in the hospitality there are opportunities for transfer to other departments, advancement, and travel. The hospitality industry is fun, rewarding, and jobs are plentiful.

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The hardest part about working in the hospitality field may simply be deciding on which of its many popular career paths to pursue! This video will help interested students make an informed choice by describing commercial and noncommercial hospitality establishments and key hospitality departments such as management, food and beverage, gaming and entertainment, customer service, security, housekeeping, maintenance, and more. In addition, hospitality professionals from the Westin, the Melbourne, and Club Med Lindeman Island talk about what makes working in hospitality one of the best experiences on offer today. (25 minutes)

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