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Infant-Toddler Learning Environment: Introduction (02:34)


In a HighScope infant-toddler program, the learning environment supports children's approaches to learning, social and emotional development, physical development of health, communication, language and literacy, cognitive development, and creative arts. View active learning ingredients and learn about caregiver roles.

Build Order and Flexibility into the Learning Environment (01:28)

A well-organized room promotes young children's security, attachment, and self-assuredness and eases caregiver responsibilities as they care for children's physical and educational needs. Flexibility supports children's development. Provide distinct eating, sleeping, bodily care, and play areas.

Infant-Toddler Learning Environment Layout (08:19)

Hear recommendations for designing safe, functional and stimulating areas for eating and food preparation, bathroom and bodily care, sleeping and resting, play, and quiet time. Open floor plans facilitate exploration and allow for changing developmental needs.

Infant Indoor Play Area (01:34)

See examples of infant play layouts, including materials.

Toddler and Mixed-Age Areas (08:29)

See examples of book, house, block, toy, art, sand and water, and movement areas in toddler and mixed-age learning environments, including suggested materials and storage ideas.

Provide Comfort and Safety for Both Children and Adults (09:02)

Caregivers can provide visually interesting items, soft spaces and materials, child and adult sized furniture, storage, safe access to supplies, space for children's creations, a welcoming entrance, and natural lighting; make use of purposeful sound; include reminders from home; and establish a floor-level focus.

Supporting Children's Sensory-Motor Approach to Learning (09:41)

Caregivers should provide sensory materials, provide adequate space for movement, make materials accessible, and label shelves to facilitate the plan-use-return process. Hear examples of household items, learning environment staples, "treasure box" items for non-mobile infants, and visually interesting classroom features.

Credits: Infant-Toddler Learning Environment (01:04)

Credits: Infant-Toddler Learning Environment

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Infant-Toddler Learning Environment

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Infants and toddlers are born explorers and the environments in which they are cared for become their laboratory. This program includes real-life examples on how to create a supportive infant-toddler learning environment that invites children to explore their surroundings and supports their sensory-motor way of learning.

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