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Route 91 Harvest Music Festival (08:50)


The festival is a three-day event that brings in top country music stars. On Oct. 1, 2017, a mass shooter fired into the crowd of 22,000 people. At first, concertgoers thought the gunshots were fireworks.

Las Vegas Shooting (08:58)

The concertgoers were unsure about the number of shooters and where the shots were coming from. Most people got down, assuming the gunfire was coming from ground level instead of from the 32nd floor of a nearby hotel.

Chaos at the Concert (06:22)

People ran or hid while gunshots continued. Concertgoers called families to say goodbye; they felt helpless not knowing the location of the gunfire. Security opened the gates for people to run out.

Mandalay Bay Hotel (05:58)

People began to realize the shots were coming from the hotel across the street from the festival. Taxi driver Cori Langdon was driving by the festival and shuttled multiple people away.

Word of the Shooting (08:16)

Most people initially heard about the shooting from social media. Workers nearby hid people, assisted the wounded, and directed people running away.

Escaping the Concert (06:35)

Most people waited for breaks in the shooting and then ran out of the concert venue. While leaving, most saw dead bodies. Civilians made up for the lack of ambulances and paramedics.

Outside the Concert (03:50)

Many people at the concert did not know the gunshots were coming from the Mandalay Bay until the following morning. Concertgoers returned to their hotel rooms still believing they might die because of false reports about additional active shooters.

Reports on the Shooting (03:10)

Local reporters flocked to Mandalay Bay, the hospitals, and the concert venue. The shooting lasted for 10 minutes. The shooter fired more than 1,000 rounds, killing 58 people and wounding 851.

Explanation for Shooting (04:56)

The shooter committed suicide. Many victims of the shooting felt that not enough explanation was given by law enforcement.

Shooter's Suite (05:13)

A MGM security guard was the first to approach the shooter's suite in Mandalay Bay. The guard was shot and called it in, but it took police 12 minutes to reach the room. The shooter spent three days preparing the room, including placing surveillance cameras in the hallway.

Investigation into Shooting (05:36)

Some believe Las Vegas Metro Police and MGM Resorts have not revealed the true story about what happened in the shooter's suite. Doug Poppa believes police responded too slowly. Police and the SWAT team did not breach the shooter's suite until more than an hour after the last shots were fired.

Shooting Cover Up? (06:00)

Jesus Campos, the security guard who first approached the shooter's suite, mostly disappeared after the shooting. He appeared on an episode of "Ellen," which many victims found offensive. Many believe MGM hid Campos to protect their businesses.

Poor Concert and Hotel Management (07:57)

Poppa believes Las Vegas police should have anticipated a sniper attack from one of the hotels surrounding the concert venue; counter snipers could have quickly ended the shooting. Many concertgoers felt the exits were not clearly marked.

Vegas Strong (10:57)

The Las Vegas community came together after the shooting. People waited in line for more than five hours to donate blood.

Credits: One October: A Nightmare in Las Vegas (01:39)

Credits: One October: A Nightmare in Las Vegas

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In 2017, 58 people were murdered and more than 500 others were wounded when a gunman opened fire on the throng of concertgoers at the annual Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Survivor, journalist, and attorney interviews come together to paint a picture of a community who chose strength in the face of terror—who will forever be #VegasStrong.

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