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Technology vs. Humanity (17:20)


Though scientific developments could change the nature of humanity, the same wants and desires will remain. Technology can help solve issues facing the planet, but cannot be the only solution. Many AI experts believe there will be human-level intelligent robots by 2050.

Incessant Search (03:43)

Humanity is never satisfied and always in search of more. It has created an invention cycle that has continued through human history.

Human Nature (12:03)

Dominance, along with innovation and creativity, leads to humanity's survival. Humanity retains a capacity for violence and destruction.

Post-Humanism (10:48)

Though the focus has been on how science will explain the future, arts and humanities will play an important role. Technological advancements will change methods of education and communication.

Free Will (09:00)

Humans are the only species able to conceptualize the future, but they failed to protect the planet from destruction. Humans have the free will to create protections for their descendants.

Credits: An Unquenchable Thirst (01:50)

Credits: An Unquenchable Thirst

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An Unquenchable Thirst

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In the future, will the human being be at the top of technology, using it to solve the great problems of humankind? Will technology bring more freedom to be able to devote to exercising the highest values of the human being? What is this desire to annihilate our neighbor that seems to not have evolved ever since the origin of modern man more than 100 thousand years ago, despite the average values of the intelligence quotient having increased consistently from one decade to the other? We left the caves. We invented the wheel, steam locomotion, electricity, and the internet. We built car, palaces, and rockets. We launched ourselves into space. We created markets, medicine, and weaponry. We recreated life, but all this with absolute, permanent dissatisfaction and a never-ending desire to reach more and more. Even the power of God. Where do we want to get and how? Why does the human being have an unquenchable thirst?

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