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Al Ula, Saudi Arabia (03:21)


The village in the desert is known for raising the best camels in the country. One camel farm has clients from throughout the Arabian Peninsula.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (05:13)

More than five million people live in the capital city. The city has few tall buildings and an active livestock market. Riyadh is one of the country's most conservative cities.

Culture in Riyadh (04:06)

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia spread out of Deira in the 1700s. Through women are allowed to drive and work, they face difficulty being accepted in Riyadh.

Saudi Wealth (04:15)

The discovery of oil in the 1930s brought rapid wealth and modernization to Saudi Arabia. The wealth has led to financial prosperity for many industries, such as caviar production.

Saudi Business (06:25)

Perfectly preserved rock tombs in the desert receive no visitors because tourism is restricted. Arabic trade negotiations follow a set of strict rules.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia (02:09)

The city is considered the most liberal in Saudi Arabia and religious restrictions are not closely followed. Arabic calligraphy was once the only accepted art form; it has found resurgence in Dammam.

Saudi Dining (04:39)

A popular restaurant in Riyadh opens for business after evening prayers. Chefs prepare a traditional Arabic dish for important party of guests.

Saudi Entertainment (03:21)

Riyadh has an entertainment district with restaurants and some activities. Art galleries have become common in the past few years.

Old Town Riyadh (03:47)

The fort that was conquered by the Al Saud family. The area currently acts as a marketplace with public auctions.

Saudi Art (04:33)

Art supply stores are rare in Saudi Arabia. A calligraphy teacher obtains supplies at the only store in Dammam.

Ha'il, Saudi Arabia (03:47)

Ha'il was once an important trading post. A nearby mountain range contains ancient carvings that show the country was once a green oasis.

Rural Life (04:57)

Many cities in the north are isolated and have little entertainment options. An Al Ula resident fixes and "pimps" cars despite the activity's illegality.

Credits: Saudi Arabia - The East (00:26)

Credits: Saudi Arabia - The East

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Spectacular rock formations, never-ending desert landscapes and a culture dating back thousands of years: Saudi Arabia, the unknown and conservative kingdom. The coastal town of Dammam lies in the east of the country, whose affluence is based on the city’s gigantic oil fields. Further inland lies Riyadh – the Saudi capital and the center of power. The cities are surrounded by deserts and oases, such as Ha’il with its fascinating rock carvings. The film Saudi Arabia – The East portrays the kingdom’s ordinary people: camel traders, flea market visitors, and female artists.

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