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Lincoln's Greatest Speech (09:21)


Actor Richard Dreyfuss delivers Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address. It was delivered shortly before the Civil War ended.

History of the Second Inaugural Address (04:36)

The speech is part of the Lincoln Memorial along with the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln biographer Ronald C. White discusses Lincoln's childhood and early life, and explains the atmosphere at Lincoln's second inauguration.

Inclusiveness in Lincoln's Speech (04:47)

White reviews the first few paragraphs of Lincoln's address. Lincoln uses inclusive language, knowing the southern states would soon be welcomed back into the Union.

Alliteration in Lincoln's Speech (04:44)

Lincoln uses alliteration and repetition in his speeches. In the inaugural address, the alliteration helps tie his ideas together. Lincoln said "war" more than seven times in a single paragraph.

Civil War in Lincoln's Speech (09:17)

Lincoln identifies slavery as the cause of the war. He invokes religion to call for forgiveness and reconciliation instead of vengeance and hatred between the Union and Confederacy.

Lessons from Lincoln (05:40)

White explains the modern lessons that can be learned from Lincoln's actions and words. Many eyewitnesses call the final paragraph of the speech a sermon. Lincoln is assassinated 45 days after giving the speech.

Credits: Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural Address (02:01)

Credits: Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural Address

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Lincoln's Greatest Speech: The Second Inaugural Address

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Hosted by Academy Award-winner Richard Dreyfuss and featuring Lincoln biographer Dr. Ronald C. White, Jr., this video examines President Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address, which Lincoln termed to be his "greatest speech" and his "best effort." Through Dreyfuss' delivery of the speech and White's analysis, the video brings to light the true meaning of Lincoln's words and feelings towards the Civil War, the defeated Confederacy, and American slavery.

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