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Introduction: John Huston (03:21)


See clips from several of Huston's films. He is described as a writer and a scholar.

Huston's Early Career and Masterpiece (10:32)

Huston became interested in filmmaking by watching his father, Walter Huston, rehearse for silent films. Huston later transferred his journalistic skills to a career as a Hollywood scriptwriter and editor. He directed "The Maltese Falcon" following the success of his hit screenplay "High Sierra."

Period of Collaborations (07:57)

"Key Largo" cemented the fame of Huston and leading man Humphrey Bogart. The director's next big success was "The Asphalt Jungle." Huston was dedicated to filming "The African Queen" on location. He wrote "Beat the Devil," with Truman Capote

Sigmund Freud and Marilyn Monroe (13:52)

"The Unforgiven" starring Audrey Hepburn was the closest thing to a true western ever made by Huston; in the same year, he worked on "The Misfits" starring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. Huston created "Freud" as an alternative biopic of the life of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis.

Huston's Final Films (09:38)

"The Bible: In the Beginning..." was an epic film in which Huston was the director and played the lead role. His adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King" starred Sean Connery and Michael Caine. Later in his career, Huston began working with his daughter, actress Anjelica Huston who won an Oscar for the film "Prizzi's Honor" and starred in his final picture "The Dead."

Credits: John Huston (00:40)

Credits: John Huston

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John Huston

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John Huston wrote most of the films he directed, many of which are today considered classics. He is remembered for his collaboration with Humphrey Bogart, which brought to screen The Maltese Falcon (1941), Key Largo (1948), The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), and The African Queen (1951). Huston received 15 Oscar nominations, won twice, and directed his father, Walter Huston, and daughter, Anjelica Huston, to Oscar wins in different films.

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