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Technical Aspects (11:22)


Computed Tomography provides detailed images of internal organs, blood vessels, soft tissues, and bones. Topics include: the history of CT scanner development, aspects of x-radiation, the imaging process, image construction, and cone beam CT.

Operations (10:10)

Technicians can perform CT scans on every part of the body; follow appropriate use criteria. Topics include: safety protocols, contrast agents, and general protocols.

Interpretation (08:08)

CT images most commonly present in the transverse plane from head to feet; radiologists may also use coronal or sagittal plane images. Topics include: windowing and various types of artifacts.

Intervention Radiology (02:17)

Despite the prevalence of MRI, CT maintains an important role in assessing the brain and spine in trauma settings, and skull lesions. As technology improves, CTs will produce images with better spacial resolution, higher efficiency, and increased soft tissue contrast.

Credits: Medical Imaging: Clinical Aspects, Operations, and Interpretation - Computed Tomography (CT) (01:57)

Credits: Medical Imaging: Clinical Aspects, Operations, and Interpretation - Computed Tomography (CT)

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Medical Imaging: Technical Aspects, Operations, and Interpretation - Computed Tomography (CT)

Part of the Series : Medical Imaging; Technical Aspects, Operations, and Interpretation
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Beginning with a brief history of CT scanner development through the 1970s and 1980s, this program covers the technical aspects of x-radiation, image processing and construction, and the Hounsfield unit scale. It discusses safety protocols, including use of CT in pregnancy and in patients with implanted devices. It looks at contrast agents and considers general useage protocols. The program examines interpretation, discussing windowing along with artifacts and the means of minimizing them. It also presents a brief overview of new technology in computed tomography scanning.

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