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Sagrada Familia (02:32)


Construction of the church begins in 1882. Today, experts combine computer technology and traditional methods to achieve Antoni Gaudi's vision. Jordi Cuss discusses the diamond tooth laser-guided saw.

Wipro Center (03:11)

The center is India's most eco-friendly building. Features include 75% natural lighting, a green courtyard, terrace gardens, solar panels, and more. Green buildings increase employee productivity.

Subway Construction (02:14)

Engineers in Amsterdam monitor the movement of buildings in the surrounding construction area with lasers and mirrors.

Smartlife Project (02:05)

Experts apply new technologies to sustainable and natural materials. The academy is the first purpose built school to teach sustainable building practices that meet British regulations.

Building Relocation (01:42)

Experts move a 8,000 ton hotel 26 meters to accommodate road construction; sensors measure stability and movement.

Sustainability and Function (02:49)

Norfolk County, England is a leader in sustainability and environmental awareness in building and construction practices. Buildings are designed around the physical landscape and employ green technologies.

Suite Vollard (03:48)

The 11 floors of the apartment building rotate independently of one another. The luxury condos cater to the high end market. David Fisher proposes rotating skyscraper designs for Moscow and Dubai.

Product and Design Displays (04:01)

Exhibitions help raise awareness of building practices and showcase innovative ideas including a breakthrough in timber construction energy efficiency. Today's construction industry is constantly transforming.

Credits: Building and Construction (00:27)

Credits: Building and Construction

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Building and Construction

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Buildings old and new create the physical environment in which we live, work and play. This video looks at the cutting edge techniques involved in restoration and eco-friendly housing, discussing how technology is helping to achieve some remarkable feats in the industry, from aiding the completion of the Sagrada Familia to building relocations. It examines technological advances that have enabled the design of rotating buildings and subways constructed under heritage cities.

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