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Introduction: Made in Malaysia (01:34)


Malaysia is Muslim and Chinese with Indian influences. The country is steeped in tradition yet rapidly modernizing. Perhaps the concept that encapsulates the country best is “boleh,” which means “can do.” Host Richard Quest explores this rapidly evolving Asian nation.

Malaysian Airlines (03:43)

Quest interviews Malaysian Airlines CEO Peter Bellew who inherited a company reeling from heavy losses and two highly publicized tragedies. Bellew discusses decisions that were made around branding and the conversion of the airline’s A380 airbuses.

Catcha Group (03:48)

Quest visits entrepreneur Patrick Grove, the co-founder and CEO of Catcha Group. Among the company’s offerings is Iflix, a video subscription service that emphasizes mobile devices. The service has more than 5 million subscribers that pay $2 to $3 a month.

Iskandar Malaysia (06:20)

Iskandar Malaysia is a vast economic development zone that covers an area three times the size of neighboring Singapore. Quest tours the set of Netflix series “Marco Polo” at Iskandar Malaysia Studios before visiting Forest City, a $100 billion development that is under construction elsewhere in the zone.

Halal Tourism (04:05)

Islam is Malaysia’s state religion, and many businesses within the country’s tourism industry cater to Islamic visitors. Quest visits a halal-certified hotel. He is surprised to find only subtle differences between it and most other hotels.

In Search of Durians (03:37)

Quest goes in search of the notoriously stinky durian. “The king of fruits” comes in many varieties, and Quest visits farmer Ng Swee Pen who grows the most popular one. It is called the Musang King, and it is in high demand in China.

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Malaysia is a one-time "tiger economy" at risk of being stuck in the middle-income trap. It is no longer able to remain competitive as a low-cost producer and needs to move away from an oil-dependent economy. How does this diverse nation future-proof itself? CNN explores the strategy of new industries defining Made in Malaysia.

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