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Introduction: Made in Poland (01:25)


Poland has been home to such great thinkers as Nicolaus Copernicus, Marie Curie and Pope John Paul II. The country is now home to Europe’s third fastest growing economy, and its innovators are poised to spread new ideas on fashion design, video games and renewable energy.

Lódz Fashion Week (02:51)

Poland’s third largest city, Lódz, has long been known for its textiles and clothing. It has become a mecca for fashion, with designer Viola Spiechowicz among the city’s greatest success stories. Her new collection is unveiled during Lódz Fashion Week.

Inglot Cosmetics (02:15)

Chemist Wojciech Inglot is the late founder of Inglot Cosmetics, which is headquartered in Przemysl. Once a small-town business, the firm now produces lipsticks, powders and nail polish around the clock that are sold in more than 530 stores worldwide.

Local Heroes (02:28)

Areta Szpura and Karolina Slota are the young entrepreneurs behind Local Heroes. They started their fashion line with a bold vision and an unshakable belief in themselves, but no formal training in design or manufacturing.

CD Projekt and "Witcher" (03:12)

Video gaming is a $91 billion business, and some of the industry’s finest innovators can be found in Poland. CD Projekt’s popular “The Witcher” series is a franchise based on a series of fantasy novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Innovation in Krakow (03:54)

Poland’s second largest city, Kraków, is a growing hub for tech startups. Some 70 technology companies have started there in recent years, employing more than 20,000 skilled workers. Estimote Project Manager Bartosz Balazinski shows off one of his company’s Bluetooth beacons.

Graphene (02:16)

Warsaw’s Institute of Electronic Materials Technology is developing a wonder material that promises to revolutionize everything from cell phones to computers. Graphene is more conductive than copper and 200 times stronger than steel. Researcher Wlodzimierz Strupinski elaborates on its potential.

Solar Foil (04:20)

Saule Technologies founder Olga Malikiewicz has been called “the Thomas Edison of Poland.” Her company has developed a low-cost foil that converts everyday objects into solar cells; users will soon be able to print this material at home.

Credits: Made in Poland (00:13)

Credits: Made in Poland

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We travel to several Polish cities to bring you the stories of exciting innovators in modern Poland. Just a quarter of a century since the fall of communism, Poles are making great strides in innovation, production and technology. You will hear the stories of innovators in the fields of cosmetics, fashion, video game production and solar technology. We explore Krakow's emerging technology hub and travel to Przemysl, the home of makeup empire Inglot. We hear how this small-town business has transformed into one of the world's leading producers of color cosmetics. We also introduce you to the scientist who has developed a graphene machine and you will meet the innovator who is working toward a solar revolution.

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