Segments in this Video

Linh Pham (02:58)


The photojournalist takes documentary style images of a marketplace beneath Hanoi's Long Bien Bridge. He visits a contemporary dance group rehearsing at the Hanoi Opera House and reflects on the city's French influences.

Javier Puig Saura (03:21)

The Spanish diplomat and street photographer discusses inspiration in Hanoi. He visits the Van Mieu Temple of Literature during a calligraphy festival and Hoan Kiem Lake.

Lan Chi Tran (03:07)

The graphic designer was raised in Hanoi. She photographs Vietnamese cuisine, French historic architecture, and street scenes. She finds inspiration in Hanoi's distinct seasons.

Bien Nguyen (02:57)

The educator photographs Hanoi's coffee culture and art scene. Visit cafes Loading T and Tadioto.

Maika Elan and Hai Thanh (06:17)

The photographers and life partners find inspiration in Hanoi. Elan has done a project with same-sex couples and Thanh documents families living along the railroad tracks.

Photographer's Paradise (01:54)

Photographers discuss how Hanoi inspires them.

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Hanoi is the alluring capital of Vietnam, where French colonial aesthetics commingle with dizzying signs of development in one of Asia’s fastest growing economies. The center of Hanoi is the mythical Hoan Kiem, the Lake of the Restored Sword, which is buttressed by the Old Quarter, where tourists can be found wandering among street stalls and colonial buildings. We’ll follow six Instagrammers, based in Hanoi, as they showcase the best that their city has to offer, from famous landmarks to hidden gems, historical sites to daily life.

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