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Jeepney (04:20)


Meet the Sarao family behind Manila's iconic public transport vehicles. They are trying to update technology but business is slowing. PhUV CEO Rommel Juan is making an electric version to cut air pollution and improve passenger comfort.

Female Pilots (04:49)

Jackie Chua is a captain at Cebu Pacific Airways. Abigail Bacus will complete her commercial training in an A320 simulator. Training programs are expensive but increasing numbers of young women throughout Asia are learning to fly.

Coconut Opportunities (04:16)

One third of the Philippines population works in the coconut industry. Most coconuts are harvested for their meat to produce oil; farmer Sita Esmao urges her community to embrace new products using all parts of the fruit.

Coral Cay Conservation (03:35)

An NGO monitors reefs, advises local governments on establishing MPAs, and provides scholarships for locals to learn diving and conservation strategies. Olly McGuinness discusses balancing conservation and economic opportunities for fishing communities.

Musical Theater (05:07)

Monica Cuenco and Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo symbolize new musical opportunities for Filipinos and Filipinas. Shows are being written in Tagalog; singing is an important part of Filipino culture. Many young people dream of being "discovered."

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The Philippines is always evolving - pushing forward and changing with the times. Not only does this country adapt to change, it thrives off it, creating endless possibilities for growth at home. Filipinos themselves don't have to look far for opportunities that can change their lives. Andrew Stevens introduces us to the people and industries that personify the Philippines Now.

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