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Introduction: The Keepers (06:42)


Indonesia is home to over 260 million people and stretches over 17,000 islands. Hindi, Buddhist, Chinese, and European influences exist although the nation is primarily Muslim. Hariyana Winotosastro's family has worked in a Batik factory for the past five generations; Era Soekamto describes how she blends new and traditional methods in her fashion designs.

Puppetry (04:03)

A gunungan begins the play;shadow puppet shows lasts all night. Sumardi Kurdo describes the collection of Museum Wayang. Elvia Trisnawati, a dalang apprentice practices singing, battle scenes, talking, and characters for two hours three times a week.

Cuisine (03:54)

Janet Deneefe runs the Ubud Food Festival in Bali and teaches cooking classes at Casa Luna. Every island uses different spices and flavors.

Unique Ingredients (02:38)

Jon Priadi participates in the sambal-making competition at the Ubud food Festival. Indonesian cuisine is the most underrepresented in Southeast Asia.

Dancers (05:05)

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Parambanan is the largest temple in Indonesia. Hajar Wisnu Satoto choreographs the Ballet of Ramayana. Sita is freed after a long battle between Rama and Ravana.

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The Keepers

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To call it a nation of incredible diversity would be an understatement. Indonesia’s 17,000 islands are home to nearly 260 million people. You can count more than 700 languages and six official religions. The Keepers will navigate Indonesia's unique history using culture as a compass. Art, dance and food provide a link to the past and a window to the future. Meet the people helping to preserve these traditions, while defining Indonesia’s modern identity.

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