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Synapse Project (04:06)


Dharmendra Modha explains how he became a scientist. He studies brain function and architecture to invent technologies such as the True North chip, capable of multi-sensory fusion.

Robotics History (02:18)

Ancient Greeks invented the Water Clock. More recent technological inventions include: Unimate Arm by General Motors; Arigato Asimo by Honda; Roomba Rocks; Robonaut, utilized by astronauts; Google’s driverless car; and the Curiosity Rover arrived at Mars.

Sheffield Robotics (03:28)

Tony Prescott develops robots with various applications. He addresses fears regarding artificial intelligence. The machines, like iCUb, are programmed to simulate aspects of human behavior.

News Round Up (01:08)

Cambridge University researchers develop a "Mother Bot." United States scientists invent a nanoparticle water filter. Thothe Technologies patents a space elevator.

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We explore efforts to develop robots with artificial intelligence that mimics our own. We explore IBM’s secret research facility in California and meet the man behind their ‘brain-inspired’ microchip that could make all our computers work and think like we do. We travel to Sheffield in the UK to meet Tony Prescott, a man who is striving to develop a robot with a sense of self, essentially, a robot that can think for itself. We then round-up all the latest science news that you need to know.

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