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Underwater Exploration History (01:51)


Cornelis Drebbel made the first wooden submarine in 1620; Karl Klingert invented the first diving suit in 1797. During the 1800s, the Closed Diving Dress and first electric submarine were developed; Jacques Cousteau created the Aqualung in 1943. The Trieste reached the Mariana Trench in 1960.

Engineering Submersible Equipment (03:33)

Phil Nuytten discusses human vulnerability underwater and designing for professional diving. The Exosuit stays at surface pressure in deep depths for prolonged periods; it allows for functional work on the ocean floor.

Deep Sea Science (04:03)

Observing marine life at all sea levels intrigues Sylvia Earle; she is eager for technology to make reaching the bottom possible. Earle observes changes in the ocean caused by human activity and addresses the need for environmental protection.

News Round Up (01:15)

During recent deep sea dives, experts discover new species including a squid in Hawaii and the Spaghetti Monster off the Angola coast.

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Underwater Exploration

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We explore a world mankind knows so little about—our oceans. We meet the inventor of the ExoSuit, the "Iron Man" of the sea, that's allowing divers, scientists and even archaeologists to explore the sea like never before. We speak with a true heroine of the ocean, Sylvia Earle, about her 50-year career beneath the waves and explore her latest mission: to take mankind to the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean floor. We then round-up all the latest science news that you need to know.

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