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Introduction: Road Safety (01:28)


Approximately 1.3 million fatalities resulted in car accidents worldwide last year. In London, 432 bicyclists were killed or injured.

Life Paint (04:01)

Anders Wellving created a light reflecting spray to protect Finland's reindeer from traffic. He collaborated with Volvo to develop the product.

Road Safety History (01:52)

Cars significantly evolved in comfort, safety, and speed since Karl Benz’s invention in 1789. Volvo innovations include the first three-point seatbelt, Blind Spot Warning System, Pedestrian Warning System, and Adaptive Cruise Control. Mercedes designed anti-lock brakes and airbags.

Autonomous Protection (04:03)

At the Intelligent Transport System World Congress conference, safety is a concern for technology developers. They are designing automobiles that can communicate through Global Positioning Systems. Nick Glass demonstrates driverless cars.

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Road Safety

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We explore efforts to make roads safer—some 1.24 million people were killed on the road globally, according to the WHO in 2010. We look at an innovative spray that looks normal under daylight, but lights up like the fourth of July at night. Discover how it was first used to make deer more visible on Finnish roads. And as our cars become more and more intelligent, we go to the ITS World Congress and explore efforts to develop autonomous and connected cars, removing the one element that can’t be controlled or calibrated; us humans.

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