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History of Transport (01:47)


Richard Trevithick invented the steam locomotive in 1802; Karl Benz developed the internal combustion vehicle in 1879. The first electric car appeared in 1884; the Wright brothers flew in 1903. In 1940, Frank Whittle created the jet engine; the hover craft debuted in 1959.

Sabre: Reaction Engines (04:18)

Richard Varvill focuses on reusable space exploration technologies; he is developing a rocket and jet engine hybrid. Varvill explains the heat exchanger. Innovations will power the Skylon space plane.

Magnetic Transportation (04:51)

SupraTrans experiments with levitation. Ludwig Schultz explains the use of magnetism and technology development challenges; he utilizes superconductors. Schultz and Glass demonstrate a levitating train.

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Future of Transport

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We explore what the future of getting from A-to-B might look like. We meet a Portuguese scientist developing technology that could allow us to control planes, trains and automobiles with just our minds and a German scientist pioneering a process known as Quantum Levitation, using special metals and liquid nitrogen to make our vehicles hover.

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