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Introduction: The Future of Food (00:50)


Globally, 800 million suffer from malnutrition. World populations are expected to increase to over nine billion by 2050.

Safety Net (03:47)

The United States consumes almost five billion pounds of seafood annually; over fishing is a concern. Dan Watson designs products to reduce waste and protect marine life. He uses special frequency lights to repel certain species from nets.

Food History (02:14)

In 1854, James Harrison introduced the refrigerator; Percy Spencer developed the microwave in 1945. In 1946, aseptic packaging became available; genetically modified produce was first harvested in 1983. In 2013, Professor Mark Post grew edible meat in a lab.

Current Innovations (04:14)

Reimagine Food develops computerized and robotic preparation technologies; they and other companies design personal menus based on consumer DNA. Natural Machines is creating a culinary printer; Lynette Kucsma explains the Foodhini's future applications. Glass samples Soylent.

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The Future of Food

Part of the Series : Make, Create, Innovate
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In this edition of Make, Create, Innovate, we explore an area close to all our hearts or rather our stomachs; food and how technology is changing what and how we eat. We first explore how technology can help with the growing problem of food security and sustainability with an inventor who has developed an innovative approach to help stabilize fish stocks. His nets contain special portals that attract undesirable fish and those from endangered lists using special wavelengths of light. These fish are then able to escape the net and help replenish the population. And we travel to Barcelona to explore how food-preneur, Marius Robles and his Re-Imagine X group, are re-imagining the future of food with everything from 3D printed meals to a nutrition paste that could replace our normal meals – using technology to change our attitudes and approach to food.

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