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Space Race (02:01)


Russia's Luna Two Probe reached the lunar surface in 1959; President Kennedy announced U.S. intentions in 1961. Probe Ranger Seven transmitted the first surface images in 1964; a manned mission orbited the moon in 1968. In 1969, Neil Armstrong walked the surface; the last landing occurred in 1972.

Lunar Landing (03:21)

Captain Eugene Cernan describes his experiences on the moon. He is the last man to walk its surface. Cernan expresses pride in his accomplishments.

Lunar Exploration Advancements (05:03)

The European Space Agency endeavors to colonize the moon; it lacks Earth's protective atmosphere. They propose using three dimensional printers to build defensive shells around inflatable tents. Advances in robotics and virtual reality allow remote control of rovers.

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Mission to the Moon

Part of the Series : Make, Create, Innovate
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In this edition of Make, Create, Innovate, we cast our eyes up to our closest celestial neighbor and the only other world man has set foot on; the moon. We meet the last man to have walked the lunar surface, Captain Gene Cernan, who reveals how his experience was almost spiritual and how space exploration can unite us in a way that nothing else can. We then travel to the European Space Agency to see how they are leading efforts to put man back on the moon once again and we get hands on with the robots, rovers and 3D printed habitat that would form a lunar colony.

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