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Big Cat Conservation Project (06:48)


Poaching and illegal activities nearly eliminated Malawi lion, cheetah, and leopard populations. The Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife and nonprofit African Parks work to restore the country's big cat population in Liwonde National Park.

Malawi's Cheetahs and Lions (08:23)

Cheetahs are an endangered species, with only 7,000 are living in the wild. Olivia Severt is a cheetah monitor at Liwonde and oversees the reintroduction of seven cheetahs. Park staff track big cats using radio collars.

Wildlife Protection (05:48)

More than 900,000 people live in and around Liwonde; managing co-existence is important for the park's future. African Parks teaches local children about wildlife protection and has implemented a new force of wildlife rangers. Tourism helps boost the local economy.

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Malawi Big Cat Conservation

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Decades since lions and cheetahs were seen roaming the plains of Malawi, the country is leading one of the most ambitious big cat conservation projects on the continent.

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