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Kakuma Camp (07:20)


More than 180,000 refugees live at the camp in Kenya and a rich creative scene has developed among younger residents. Nonprofit FilmAid Kenya teaches numerous aspiring filmmakers, actors, photographers, and journalists in the camp. A group of local filmmakers and musicians prepare to shoot a music video.

Kakuma Camp Music Video (07:07)

The crew builds a set in a courtyard of the refugee camp. Singer Mercy Akuot, stars in the video. She believes the camp, despite restrictions, offers her more freedoms than she would find at home.

Kakuma Camp Films (07:09)

FilmAid hosts outdoor viewings of films in nine languages at the camp. Filmmaker Amina Rwimo has lived in the camp for 10 years; her movies are commonly played. Filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors receive awards at the FilmAid Film Festival in Nairobi.

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Kenya Creative Camp

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The young people at Kenya's Kakuma refugee camp are ignoring society's narrative and are telling their own stories through film, photography and personal productions.

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