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African Baobab Tree (06:37)


The baobab has an important place in many African cultures, especially for healers and diviners. During Sarah Venter seed germination research, she learns goat populations threaten baobab seeds and starts a program to protect the future of the baobabs.

Glencoe Baobab Tree (08:13)

The Glencoe is the largest and oldest baobab in southern Africa. Scientist Stephan Woodborne researches why the tree split and collapsed in 2009. He believes drier and hotter conditions are affecting the trees.

Baobab Fruit (06:43)

The tree's fruit, rich in nutrients, have been used for medicinal proposes in Africa for generations and are growing among other markets as nutritional supplements and super foods. Myths and traditions regarding the fruit and bark of the tree are well known in South African cultures.

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South Africa's Baobab Trees

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As the ancient baobab trees begin to collapse, scientists in South Africa are trying to figure out why these giants are dying and what they can tell us about climate change.

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