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The Bombshelter Beast (07:21)


Members of the group from Johannesburg describe how they improvise during live shows. Songs include "Maputo Dropoff" and "Dance of the Chicken." The Bombshelter Beast rehearses at Marcus Wyatt's home for the first gig of the year.

Islam Elbeiti (06:50)

The 20-year-old bass player describes her background. The United States lifts Sudan's sanctions caused by human rights violations and supporting terrorists. Elbeiti jams with other musicians at Capitol Radio and prepares for the Karmakol festival.

Ona Onabule (07:45)

Ola Onabule loses all sense of time when he performs. The singer/songwriter describes moving from Great Britain to Nigeria at a young age. African Nigerian music has specific time signatures and rhythm patterns.

Credits: Breaking the Music Mold (00:12)

Credits: Breaking the Music Mold

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Contemporary African musicians are using a diverse range of sounds, rhythms, and beats to create some of the continent's most popular melodies today.

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