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Iconic Bottle (02:52)


Coca-Cola spent $20 million on its hundredth birthday party in 1986; it makes $8 billion annually. Coke owes its success to aggressive marketing. The contour bottle is the company's most visible symbol

Coca-Cola's Beginnings (04:08)

John Pemberton developed the formula for Coke in 1886. Joseph Whitehead and Benjamin Franklin Thomas bought the rights to bottle the soda for $1 in 1899. Alexander Samuelsson won a bottle design competition in 1913.

Product Packaging (03:29)

Coke's contour bottle took longer and cost more to make than other soda bottles, but it became a successful marketing tool. Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, gave Coke its name and designed its iconic logo.

Advertising and Global Expansion (03:36)

Coke's bottle was central to advertising, helping to create a seductive image of American life. Coke created the image of Santa Claus, still recognized today. The company entered the British market in the 1920s, and WWII propelled it into global dominance.

Coca-Cola Culture (03:02)

Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and others celebrated the contour bottle as a ubiquitous symbol of America. Critics decried the corrosive nature of the soda culture in Third World countries.

New Coke vs. Classic Coke (07:18)

Pepsi stepped up competition, and Coca-Cola fought back in the 1980s by changing its formula. A backlash led to the old formula being rebranded as Coca-Cola Classic; the company eventually launched other flavors.

Credits: Design Classics: The Coca-Cola Bottle (00:23)

Credits: Design Classics: The Coca-Cola Bottle

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For many, the Coca-Cola bottle has come to define all that’s good and bad about America. This episode of Design Classics investigates how the bottle became a living symbol of advertising and has yet to be surpassed in terms of design.

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