Segments in this Video

"The Boy in the Dress": Ordinary Town and Average School (03:34)


Dennis Sims feels different. Lisa James is the coolest girl at school. Dennis enjoys playing soccer with his friends; his father does not attend the matches since his mother left.

"The Boy in the Dress": At Raj's World (05:15)

Kate Moss tells Dennis that he can like "Vogue." Dennis reads the magazine and thinks about his mother. Jaspreet Kaur offers to help Peter Sims.

"The Boy in the Dress": School Uniforms (03:29)

Lisa is reprimanded for her attire. Dennis accidentally hits a tennis ball into Mr. Hawthorne's coffee. At detention, Lisa and Dennis bond over their mutual love of fashion.

"The Boy in the Dress": Love of Fashion (04:02)

Lisa encourages Dennis to wear one of her fashion designs. Peter Sims mourns the departure of his wife.

"The Boy in the Dress": Wearing a Dress (05:55)

Dennis cross-dresses in public. Lisa introduces him to Raj as Denise, a foreign exchange student. Kaur arrives to pick up Dennis for the semi-finals.

"The Boy in the Dress": Semi-Finals (03:12)

Gareth Small insists that he kick the penalties. Elm Forest School wins the competition and advances to the finals.

"The Boy in the Dress": No Christmas This Year (05:57)

John tells his father that Dennis has a picture of his mother under the mattress. Dennis decides to pose as Denise at school; Darvesh Singh recognizes him. Mr. Norris teaches a history class about World War I.

"The Boy in the Dress": French Class (05:40)

Dennis criticizes his teacher's poor accent. John is worried about Dennis and convinces the secretary to allow him to search for his brother. After Cherise rips off Dennis' wig, Mr. Hawthorn expels him for cross-dressing.

"The Boy in the Dress": Expelled (03:24)

Peter sends Dennis to his room as punishment. Darvesh emphasizes that Dennis will always be his friend. Lisa attempts to cheer him up.

"The Boy in the Dress": Soccer Finals (12:40)

Gareth begs Mr. Hathorn to let Dennis play. After halftime, the team wears dresses in protest of the expulsion; Kaur encourages Peter to attend the match. Elm Forest School wins against Maudlin Street after Dennis scores a goal on a penalty kick.

"The Boy in the Dress": Sister Doris (03:17)

Lisa offers to buy Dennis a copy of "Vogue." Doris is actually Mr. Hathorn cross-dressing. The two threaten they will tell everyone about his habit unless Dennis is reinstated at school.

"The Boy in the Dress": Uniform Changes (04:30)

Lisa defies the dress code. Dennis apologizes for his remarks about Miss Windsor's accent. Peter gives Dennis back his photograph and invites friends over for a Christmas party.

Credits: The Boy in the Dress (00:35)

Credits: The Boy in the Dress

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A charming family comedy, based on the bestselling book by David Walliams (Gangsta Granny, Mr. Stink) and featuring an all-star cast. It’s the story of Dennis, a 12-year-old boy who lives in an ordinary house in an ordinary street and dreams of being different. He plays football with his mates and lives with his dad and brother, but everything is grey – life has never really been the same since his mum left. However, transformation can happen when you least expect it, and in a local shop a fashion magazine seems to be calling Dennis – can it be that supermodel Kate Moss is really telling him that it’s okay for boys to like Vogue? Aided by Lisa, the coolest girl in the school, Dennis creates a whole new persona. But can a boy wear a dress – and how will his headmaster, his dad and his friends react when they find out?

Length: 63 minutes

Item#: BVL185499

ISBN: 978-1-64623-972-6

Copyright date: ©2014

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